Liverpool FC striker Mario Balotelli remains confident despite a goal drought.

Mario Balotelli has had a slow start to his Liverpool career. While he always remained a ‘calculated risk’ for the Reds, his lack of goals to this extent were not expected when the Italian was bought for 16m GBP in the summer. The ex-AC Milan player has only netted twice for Liverpool, once in the Champions League and once in the League Cup. He is yet to find a goal in the 9 Premier League games for his new team.

However, the 24 year old remains confident that he will get back to scoring ways, because he is working tirelessly at the moment, and goals don’t just ‘disappear’.

When asked to rate his performances this season out of 10, Balotelli gave himself a seven, compared to a figure of six-and-a-half two years ago while at City.

“I give myself half a point more, so seven, because I run more than before,” Balotelli said.

“I run, I’m running now, I’ve never run like this… so I give myself half a point more. Because goals, they will come. It is something that’s just not coming at the moment. But it’s not something that has just gone.”

The player has obviously come under severe criticism for his performances from all sections of the media. Balotelli was always a favorite of the media, but more so for his off-pitch habits. So far, he has been scrutinized for not delivering on the field for the Reds.

But the player insisted that he doesn’t necessarily care for the criticism from these people or if they believe in him or not, so long as he believes in himself.

“I don’t need people to believe in me so long as I believe in myself,” he added.

“The important people for me are my family and my few close friends, as long as they believe in me.

“Some think because I didn’t score and didn’t start well this season that I can’t be one of the top players, a really good player for this team. That’s their business.I don’t care what stories people say about me because I know they are lying.”

This is the perfect time for the Italian to walk the talk. Liverpool are without Daniel Sturridge, a player who was expected to make his return this Sunday. The Reds have struggled in the goals department. The timing couldn’t be better for Balotelli to net a few goals and get Liverpool back to winning ways and restore the confidence of the team, as well as himself.