Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has claimed that it will take a “miracle” for Manchester City not to win the Premier League title now and has congratulated the champions-elect.

Manchester City currently top the Premier League table, and they are two points ahead of second placed Liverpool with the last game of the season remaining. “It would need really a miracle now for them not to win it,” said Wenger.

City, who have scored 100 league goals this term, need only a point at home against West Ham on Sunday to secure the title. Manuel Pellegrini’s side beat Aston Villa 4-0 on Wednesday to knock Liverpool off the top spot.

Wenger’s men spent 128 days at the top of the table in the first half of this season, while City will have been at the pinnacle for only 15 days. But Wenger is generous enough to congratulate the Citizens.

“It will be a miracle if Man City don’t win the league now and congratulations to them,” Wenger told reporters today. “It’s been a very interesting title race.

“You feel Liverpool were very unlucky because they had a fantastic second half of the season. Every other team in the top four will be frustrated by not winning the league this year.

“My team has shown a remarkable stamina and I am very proud of that. We have been top for 128 days but we failed in some big games away from home.

“City and Liverpool’s offensive potential has been fantastic. That’s where we need to improve.”

Jack Wilshere is back from his long lay off now, and Wenger claims that youngsters like him can benefit more from trainings and less competitive games. “You have to balance the training and the competition – for me the competition has too much importance and the training too little,” the long-time Arsenal manager said.

“I have seen too many kids come to the age of 17 or 18 and they cannot head the ball or they have no left foot because they have not practised enough. For me that is a deficit in the English game at the moment.

“At every single club, despite the big foreign players, the young players come through when they have the quality. That is what you have to target for. It is not to fight for mediocrity, it is to fight for quality.

“The bigger the players are that we have in England, the more the young players will develop because they develop in contact with those players.

“To get rid of big players would be a massive mistake for the education and quality of the youngsters.”

Arsenal play against Norwich on Sunday, and their last game of the season, which is a FA Cup Final, is against Hull City.