Alexis Sanchez is in the fabled red zone according to Arsene Wenger, but is not worried because he claims Arsenal are not a one man team.

If recent results are anything to go by, it definitely seems like Arsenal would have been a far less flattering position on the table if they did not have Sanchez to bail them out in multiple games. However, Arsene insisted that Arsenal are not just about Sanchez.

In his pre-game press conference, with Arsenal playing Stoke City, he said, “Let’s say it does not reflect the truth,” he said. “On the goalscoring record, you can say [Alexis] is dominant, but in the game of course not. But in goalscoring, he is the dominant figure.”

“I can’t remember such a quick settlement,” Arsene went on. ”He has a huge desire, no complex, and has a fighting attitude that means even when he misses something it doesn’t affect him. He’s very mobile, very determined and he has the sense to be in the right place in the box.”

However, Arsene did reveal that Sanchez was indeed living dangerously in terms of fitness, and needed rest to avoid getting injured. He said, “He is in the red zone, you can see that when he plays, but he can dig deep. I think he played his 27th game on Wednesday since the start of the season, if you consider the international games and the travelling on top of that.”

“Unfortunately you never know how far you can push [a player]. We are not scientific enough to predict that completely, but he has a great recovery potential. He recovers very quickly, is always sharp and wants to play.”

Focusing on his opponents for tomorrow, Arsene insisted that there was no rivalry between the clubs, despite the horrendous injury Aaron Ramsey suffered in the hands of Ryan Shawcross. However, he did concede that it was a tough place to play, with the gunners having won only one in their last 8 games at the Britannia Stadium.

“It’s always a tough and very committed place to go but we prepare ourselves to be at the level of our commitment and dictate the way we want to play,” the manager said. “The most important thing is to not forget how we play our game.

“They have a little bit of a different style. Against us it’s always a very committed game anyway.

“It’s a football game, it’s not a hate game. You want to focus on playing football.

“I think we have four draws and two losses against them [in the last seven], and not enough wins, so we have a good opportunity to add one.

“I believe it’s a tough place for everybody. They don’t lose many games at home, they are a stable team in the Premier League and they have a good record against many big teams.”