Arsenal may be turning a corner with back to back wins, but that hasn’t stopped the fans from showing their frustration felt. During the game against West Brom, the Arsenal fans in the away section unfurled a banner asking Arsene to leave Arsenal.

Arsene Wenger responded to criticisms from the fans, saying, “I started to manage a team at the top level in 1983 so, if I am completely useless tactically, I am a genius to hide it so well.

“I never know what a Plan B is. I do what I love and I think I do it with honesty and total commitment. I invite you to live with me and see in seven days what kind of work we produce and you will see it’s with total commitment.

“We have shown extreme consistency and that’s all you can do. Look, in the last 15 years, we are qualified for the last 16 in the Champions League. Give me another club who has done that. There’s not another club.

“We’ve had ups and downs in the league, it’s true, but you only come back again when the spirit is strong and healthy and united inside the club. I think if you have shown such a consistency, it’s because we have that at the club. We have values and we respect them.

“We have had three good performances [recently] and only got two good results, but we look forward to Southampton now.

“We responded well [since Man United] and had two clean sheets after our defensive stability was questioned. When you win in the Champions League and you have to travel away in the Premier League and you win again, you can say that you have done your job.”

The suggestion that Arsene Wenger is tactically bad is something that has snowballed in recent years, with consecutive defeats for Arsenal in recent years against big teams. Also, a banner showing their displeasure at how things are going is not the only thing Arsenal fans have done in the past. There was also the Black Scarf movement that really threatened to take off when things were especially in December 2012. Then there was the chant that took everyone’s fancy, “We want our Arsenal back”, though there was confusion which Arsenal the fans were referring too: the early Wenger years or the ones prior to him where the club were massively underperforming.

But, as usual, Arsene Wenger chose not to worry too much about the criticisms leveled against him. Whatever may be said of him, one can’t but look at clubs like Liverpool and Manchester United and wonder if fans should beware of what they wish for. If Arsene does decide to leave the club, who would take over as manager? What’s to say Arsenal won’t spiral down the table the way Liverpool and United have done? While trophies are well and good, isn’t it better to stay up the table than run the risk of failing to qualify for the Champions League and have a perpetual fight to get back?