Arsene Wenger stressed on the need for the team to focus solely on their own performances and not worry about how other reams are faring.

“We will fight to be as close as possible [to the top],” Arsene said in the press conference before the Southampton game. “We are not in a mode of calculating, we are in a mode of ‘let’s go to the next game and win it’.

“You give your best and if there is a weakness in front of you, you want to take advantage of it. I don’t know if there will be any weakness in front of us, but what I know is that we can give our best until the end of the season to have a chance to do it.

“I believe that there is a deficit between the potential we have shown and the number of points we have. That’s what we want to get right. I feel we were very, very unlucky with the injuries we got. With the number of injuries we’ve had, we have survived quite well.

“But I believe that hopefully in the second part of the season, we’ll have more stability, especially defensively, to be more consistent.”

Of course, to be able to be defensively consistent, Arsenal would need their French defender Lauren Kosicelny to be completely fit. Every time he has been absent, Arsenal have fared badly when it comes to being able to keep the opposition at bay.

 “His individual quality is huge, he is a top-class defender,” Arsene said, regarding Koscielny.

“On top of that he has a lot of experience together with Per Mertesacker and you could feel that in the game against West Ham.

“They understand each other well, they understand each other’s movements and they cover each other very well.

“You judge a defence more as a back four. We want to show have big targets in front of us now and that our back four can deal with the problems we have. In some games we were a bit exposed because we had a lack of experience.”

Arsene and Arsenal will look to continue to pick points off the teams that are close to them, with a win against Southampton taking them above the Saints and into the top 4, bringing them closer to 3rd placed Manchester United. The gunners cannot afford to drop any more points if they are to finish anywhere close to the top, and while Chelsea seem unstoppable for now, they should be ready to capitalize on any opportunity that may open from here to the end of the season.