Arsenal  looking to rope in Italian striker Mario Balotelli who is willing to come back to England

According to reports, AC Milan striker has wished to leave Seria A after growing cases of racial attacks against him in Italy. The Italian international who had been part of the Premier League circuit till last season, had moved to Italy in the January 2013 transfer window . And as the season has come to an end, Balotelli is dropping hints of returning to England.

Balotelli has been subject to racial discrimination ever since his arrival in the European arena. and latest of  the attack took place during the training session of Italy’s world cup squad where spectators abused him and called him ‘black piece of shit’. The striker did manage to keep his emotions under check at that time, but according to reports he told his team-mates “This only happens in Rome and Florence.” later on that day,clearly stating out his unhappiness.

The Italian always had a love-hate relationship with his clubs. Fellow players or fans. In his previous stint at Manchester City he remained in news for not-so-good-reasons most of the time. Then Manchester city coach Mancini had summarized his approach and behavior by saying”I told him, if you played with me 10 years ago I would give you every day maybe one punch in your head. There are different ways to help a guy like Mario. I don’t speak with him every day, otherwise I would need a psychologist, but I speak with him because I don’t want him to lose his quality. If Mario is not one of the best players in the world it will be his fault, because he has everything. Mario can be one of the top players in Europe. I don’t want him to lose his talent.”

In a recent interview, Balotelli said, “I’ve matured a lot in the past two years and I don’t think my conduct’s a problem anymore.” stating that he has learned from his mistakes and he seeks to rectify them in future”.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is keeping a close eye on all the developments regarding Balotelli. The Gunners are desperately searching for a striker- and with his lightening speed and power-play, Balotelli might be the one who make it to the final cut in the Arsenal team. It is reported that Liverpool coach Brendan Rodgers has also joined in the race to buy the Italian. As speculations are growing over Luis Suarez’s possible departure from Anfield, the Reds coach might also try to take him on board.

Although his behavior on and off the the field has always remained under scrutiny but his outstanding skills and passion for the game is beyond any doubt, and that is why his keenness to join Premier League once again will draw in many top teams towards him.