Arsenal FC midfielder Jack Wilshere has apologized for smoking and accepts that the upcoming season will be one of the most important in his career so far.

Jack Wilshere has been in the news lately, for all the wrong reasons, as he was pictured smoking and drinking in Las Vegas. These images created a furore in English media as the Arsenal midfielder was criticized by all quarters. Wilshere has now apologized for his smoking and now looks forward to improving as a player next season.

Wilshere accepted that he needs to become a better role model for kids and has promised to learn from his mistakes.

“I’m young and I’ll learn from it.

“I realise the consequences it has and the effect it has on the kids growing up.

“I’ve got kids myself, and I don’t want them to grow up thinking that their dad smokes and that it’s OK for footballers to smoke, because it’s not.

“It’s unacceptable. I’ll accept the consequences and move on.” – The Arsenal midfielder said.

When Jack Wilshere made his first team debut for Arsenal in 2008, he was hailed as the next best thing in English football as the youngster showed tremendous promise and determination. But six years down the line, his career seemed to have stagnated a bit, as pointed out by Paul Scholes lately, as he has struggled with his fitness and inconsistent form.

Last season Wilshere made 19 starts in the Premier League as Aaron Ramsey moved up the pecking order. With Arsenal in the market for another midfielder and Ramsey making himself un-droppable, Wilshere is unlikely to be starting line-up regularly. But with the Gunners participating in Europe and domestic cup matches, Wilshere will receive his opportunity to impress once again, and he needs to make the most of them.

“This season is a big one for me.

“I came back to pre-season early to show everyone my commitment and I’m fully committed to the club, and to my job, and I want to show everyone that.

“This year we’ve really been positive, gone into the market and signed a couple of great players.” – Wilshere added.

The 22-year-old has also welcomed the signing of former Barcelona star Alexis Sanchez and French right back Mathieu Debuchy and insisted that the rest of the squad is eager to link up with them on the field.

“You can see what Sanchez did at the World Cup – he was the best player on the pitch.

“They are two great signings and we’re really looking forward to them coming in.” – Wilshere said.