Arsenal FC manager Arsene Wenger feels that his side were not up to the required level when they produced a disappointing performance against Dortmund.

The 2-0 score line flattered Arsenal, who were lucky to concede only two goals during the game as Dortmund missed a lot of their chances. Ciro Immobile scored the opening goal towards the end of the first half, while Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang doubled their lead at the start of the second half. The German club dominated the game from the start to the end and would have won the match by a bigger margin had they been a bit more clinical.

Arsene Wenger felt that his side produced a very ‘average’ performance on the night and felt that Dortmund dominated the midfield.

“I think we were not at the requested level tonight. They deserved their win,

“I still believe that on top of that, we were a bit unlucky as it was a throw-in to us 10 seconds before half time. We conceded the goal just after that.

“Despite our very average performance, we had plenty of chances. That’s a little bit of a paradox,” he added.

“We could’ve been leading the game, but they had plenty of chances too.”

“We lost the ball at the throw in but it was still three against Immobile at the back. It’s still difficult to understand how we concede the goal. There were still enough people to stop the goal.

“Dortmund were very strong in midfield. They were stronger than us in midfield.

“But it’s very difficult on the night to go into any individual assessment of any player because as a team we were not at the requested level.” – The Arsenal manager said.

New signing Danny Welbeck missed few wonderful chances as well, but Arsene Wenger felt that the former Manchester United forward was ‘lively’.

“Welbeck was dangerous but he tired in the second half. He couldn’t finish tonight but he looked lively and for all the rest he did well.

“He needs a goal to get that off his shoulders.” – Wenger added.

Jack Wilshere twisted his ankle during the game, which Wenger confirmed after the match.

“Wilshere has turned his ankle. It’s difficult to say how bad it is because I’m being cautious.

“Normally it’s not very bad but because of his history (with ankle injuries) I’m being cautious.” – Wenger said after the game.