Arsenal FC manager Arsene Wenger has insisted that any transfer deal is unlikely to be completed before the World Cup.

With the season coming to an end, focus has already shifted to the upcoming transfer window where the Gunners are expected to bolster their squad with Arsene Wenger being reportedly handed over a £100 million transfer budget. A host of player have already been linked with Arsenal, but Arsene Wenger has ruled out any early deals due to the World Cup looming large on the horizon. The Frenchman insisted that players will now be focused on the upcoming tournament and will be unwilling to discuss transfer moves before it.

“Honestly, in my experience in a World Cup year, it [business] has never been done early.

“Everybody is focused on the World Cup. At the moment you can do nothing because the season is not over. We are today, the 8th of May. The 12th of June is the first World Cup game.

“The Champions League final is on the 24th of May and basically two weeks later it is the start of the World Cup. It is unbelievable. There is no time between the end of the season and the start of the World Cup. Nobody will do anything before the World Cup starts.” – The Arsenal manager said.

Arsenal did lead the Premier League table for a long period this season, but as injuries stretched their squad they slipped out of the title race. Arsene Wenger believes that despite finishing fourth, the fact that they are just seven points behind the league leaders at this point, compared to how they finished 16 points behind Manchester United last season, indicates progress. He is confident that his side can continue this development and bridge the gap in the summer.

“Seven points is… two games but, on the other hand, every team in the top four will be frustrated because you will think ‘Ah, we could have got this point and if we had done it, we would win the league.’ If you look at Chelsea or Liverpool, they will say the same.

“We have to continue to develop as a team. We have bridged a big gap and we want to be better next season. How can we do that? We have hard work in the summer to achieve that.” – Wenger added.