Arsenal FC manager Arsene Wenger reveals the tactical possibilities that Alexis Sanchez provides, while remaining confident that the Chilean will succeed in the Premier League.

Alexis Sanchez’s move from Barcelona to Arsenal has been one of the biggest move of this transfer window so far and it has got the Gooners excited. Arsene Wenger is confident that Sanchez will succeed in England and has also revealed the tactical flexibility that the Chilean will provide him with next season.

There has been a lot of speculations as to where and how Arsene Wenger will use Sanchez in his side. The former Barcelona star is comfortable in playing both as a wide forward/winger, as well as through the middle – as he did for Chile.

Wenger though has confirmed that due to Theo Walcott’s current absence due to injury, Sanchez is likely to start down the right wing, although he didn’t rule out the possibility of playing him through the middle in the future in a 4-3-3 formation, or alongside Olivier Giroud in a 4-4-2 formation.

“The fact that he’s efficient, the fact that he’s good off the ball. He runs at people with the ball and he’s a very versatile striker.

“He can play through the middle, he can play on both flanks and he has the qualities that I think are needed in England. He’s brave, works hard and all these qualities together made me go for him.

“At the moment he might play on the flank because Walcott is injured. As well [he can play] through the middle in some games; we can play with Giroud, we can play without Giroud in a 4-4-2 or in a 4-3-3.

“That’s why he is a major signing for us [and] that’s why we spend a lot of money on him. He has the quality to be efficient everywhere he plays.” – The Arsenal manager said in an interview.

Wenger also believes that Sanchez’s hunger and desire will see him succeed as a player.

“We have seen at the World Cup the South American teams have shown a great passion, great desire and true love for the game,” he said. “That is a very important quality in the success of a player.

“Our society maybe doesn’t give a natural toughness anymore as much as South American society does and it’s always an asset in your life when you have to work hard to get where you are. It means at least you are capable of finding the resources to do it.” – He added.