Arsenal FC manager Arsene Wenger has joined Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal in questioning the logic behind organising a pre-season tour to USA.

Arsenal have arrived in USA for a friendly against New York Red Bulls and Arsene Wenger has questioned the logic behind this trip. He concerns comes days after Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal also questioned the club’s pre-season fixtures in USA, just for commercial gains.

Arsenal will play a friendly against New York Red Bulls before traveling to Austria for training camp. They will also participate in the Emirates cup before starting their season with the Community Shield fixture against Manchester City. But Wenger is concerned about the toll all this travelling will take, especially considering the fact that a lot of players have participated in the World Cup and have to be rested properly before the start of the season.

“These training camps in the modern game are decided for commercial reasons and because of the extent of popularity of the club.

“We’ve never been to the States before and I was very happy to come to New York – a city I love.

“But for purely football reasons, the best thing to do is stay and not travel too much because of the time you waste and the jet-lag you suffer is not ideal.

“This season is a post-World Cup year and very difficult because the time is very short between the final, which was on July 13, and the start of the new season on August 16.

“And compulsory, from FIFA, you are obliged to give four weeks’ holiday to the players, so I don’t know how all that works together. It looks, to me, impossible.” – The Arsenal manager said.

Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal also voiced similar concerns few days back. The Dutch manager stressed on how all these ‘commercial’ activities can prove to be a hindrance in the preseason preparations for the players.

“We have to prepare for the season and when you have a lot of commercial activities also for the players, and you have to travel distances, you have to fly a lot, you have also jet lag, and that is not very positive for a good preparation.

“But the tour was already arranged (before I became manager) so I have to adapt and I shall adapt.” – Louis van Gaal said.