Arsenal FC manager Arsene Wenger has insists that his side won’t be complacent when they face Hull City in the FA Cup final.

Arsenal and Hull City face each other at Wembley in the FA Cup final on Saturday and the Gunners go into the game as the clear favourites. Arsenal, who finished fourth in the Premier League, ended the season on a six match winning streak. Hull City on the other hand finished the season poorly and lost four of their last five matches, in fact their last win was in the semi-final of the FA Cup against Sheffield United. Gunners’ recent record against Hull City also marks them down as the favourites, but Arsene Wenger insists that being the favourites on paper guarantees nothing.

Moreover, they will be aware of what happened the last time they went into a final after being hailed as the favourites as they lost to Birmingham City. Arsene Wenger insists that his men are well aware of the threat that Hull City possesses and has ruled out any chance of complacency creeping into the game.

“To be favourites doesn’t guarantee you anything. It just means if you turn up on the day of the game with a good performance you have more chance of winning. So let’s focus on turning up with a great performance.

“I don’t believe we need any warning [about Hull]. We know that a final is a final, that Hull are a Premier League team, they can pass the ball, they can create chances. It’s just down to us to perform well on the day of the game.

“I honestly don’t feel there is any danger of complacency – we know the difficulty of the task. If you look at our run in the FA Cup, we’ve had a hard run.

“We played against Tottenham, against Liverpool, against Everton, Wigan in the semi-final. Coventry was maybe a little bit easier, but overall if you look at the run we had it was very tough. We have done all this and we want to finish it now.” – The Arsenal manager said.

The Frenchman also accepts the fact that this long trophy drought and expectancy from the fans does put added pressure on the player ahead of this game.

“There is always high expectancy and it brings pressure. The advantage we have is that we’ve played many games this season under that kind of pressure and tension and our experience of dealing with it will help us prepare for the final.” – Wenger added.

He insisted that the league position of the team defines their season, but agree that winning the FA Cup will be the crowning glory.

“Our target is to win the trophies but you judge the quality of the teams and their potential over the Premier League results,” said Wenger.

“On top of that you want to do well in the cups. The basis is first to do well with the stability of results in the championship, and on top of that get the cups.

“In England it is difficult because you have many teams who can [try] to do that and every year it is becoming more difficult.

“This is an opportunity for us to crown our season and the overall achievement if you look back on the season will look better if we win it. It’s all to do, all is in front of us so we just want to focus on Saturday’s game.” – He said.

Wenger insisted that his players should give their best in the final, irrespective of the final outcome of the match and that the club can deal with any consequences.

“No matter what the result will be, this club – and this is always most important – can deal with the consequences of any game.

“What is important is that we come out of the game and have the feeling that we gave absolutely our best, our total energy to play at our best and then you always accept the consequences.

“No matter how much we talk about it, you can win and lose but you want to come out of the game feeling you have done the maximum to win and that is what we want to achieve.” – Wenger said in the pre-match press conference.