Arsenal FC manager Arsene Wenger has revealed that the club are close to signing a new player, although he has dismissed Draxler rumours.

As we head into the closing stages of this January transfer window, the Arsenal fans are still eagerly for some action from the London club in the transfer market. The Gunners were expected to sign at least one new striker this month as they look to provide more support for Olivier Giroud upfront, moreover German sensation Julian Draxler has been strongly linked with a move to the Emirates.

As the clock ticks down on the deadline day of this transfer window Arsene Wenger has provided hope for the Gooners. The Frenchman, in his pre-match press conference, has revealed that the club is active in the market and they will look to sign at least one new player as the squad has been stretched due to injuries and Flamini’s recent suspension.

“It is 80:20 [that someone will join the Club. In the transfer window there is always hope. It looks like it is a bit superficial and artificial.

“What is concrete is that we are in a strong position in the league and I don’t know why we should [feel any] anti-climax. We are where no one expected us to be so we have to be focused, proud and ambitious to finish the season well.

“The results are not made by the winter transfer market, they are made by the performances on the pitch. On that front we have shown we can be very competitive. We are a bit short now, but I am confident we will be able to do something today.

“It can happen, we still try to bring at least one body in because we are a bit hit now by the red card of Flamini, the setback of Ramsey, the fact that Wilshere is not available which I hope will be short-term. In an area where we had plenty of players, suddenly we are a bit short.” – The Arsenal manager told the press.

But Wenger was quick to dismiss rumours about the possible arrival of Julian Draxler in this window and insisted that this whole thing has been “created” by the media.

“The Draxler situation has been created by the newspapers, not by me. You ask me, what is that situation? I say nothing is happening on that front. He will stay at Schalke.”- Wenger added.