Arsenal FC forward Theo Walcott is not hopeful of recovering in time for the North London Derby against Tottenham later this month.

Reports suggested that Theo Walcott could be in line to feature against Tottenham Hotspur in the North London Derby later this month, but the Arsenal forward has ruled out that possibility. But the former Southampton forward has promised to return stronger and quicker.

Theo Walcott started last season brightly but he suffered an abdominal injury which kept him out for two months. He regained his form after returning from the long break, but his season was cut short when he ruptured the anterior cruciate ligament of his left knee in the FA Cup match against Tottenham and was ruled out for the rest of the season. Walcott missed the World Cup with England due to this injury as he continued his recovery at the side-lines.

Recent reports suggested that Walcott could be in line to feature against Spurs in the upcoming North London Derby later this month, but the Englishman has ruled out that possibility.

“I’m all about positive thinking. The injury was always going to take nine months. I feel good within myself.

“I’ve got a thing for legs now. I keep looking at legs! My legs have bulked up and I see a different side to legs. It’s a bit weird. When you have the operation, your legs are different because you losea lot of muscle but it changes as the time passes, so you feel it’s going to work because you feel fitter and stronger.

“I haven’t put a date on my comeback. There were rumours of the Spurs game, which is definitely not going to happen. I’ll definitely be back for the derby in February. It’s weeks rather than months now, which is a nice feeling.” – The Arsenal forward said.

But Walcott has promised to return stronger and quicker than ever from the injury as he revealed how this injury has provided him the opportunity to work on his leg and build-up strength.

I hope to be quicker, definitely. You’ve got to look at these injuries as a bit of a blessing at times. I was able to be there for the birth of my son, Finley [in April] and, also, I’ve never had the opportunity to work on the strength in my legs. With that, I think I should be quicker and stronger.” – Walcott added.

Walcott believes Arsenal might have the fastest forward line in the country and is keen to play alongside the likes of Alexis Sanchez and Danny Welbeck.

“I hope we’ll have the fastest forward line in the Premier League. We can build on the FA Cup win and attract these great players to the club. It will hopefully put Arsenal where we should be – winning trophies.

“It’s a massive buzz around the club. Alexis has settled in very quickly and Danny is a good guy, who I know from England. It has been well-documented over the years that we haven’t spent as much but Arsenal are doing it in the right way. We are spending it wisely. The boss knows what he is doing. He also likes to work with young players, not just bring in expensive players for the sake of it.” – The Englishman said in an interview at a charity event.