Arsenal FC duo Per Mertesacker and Tomas Rosicky have signed new contracts with the Gunners, pledgeding their future to the club.

Arsenal have received a lot of criticism at times for allowing player’s contract to roll into the final year, but the Gunners have learned from their mistake it seems and have officially announced renewal of Mertesacker’s and Rosciky’s contract. Arsene Wenger has already revealed earlier last month that Rosicky is close to signing a new contract, while the news of Per Mertesacker pledging his future to the club will also come as a huge boost for the London club. The German international has been on the most consistent performers this season and has turned into a fan favourite at the Emirates as he has not only impressed with his performances alongside Laurent Koscielny, but has also show great leadership qualities on the field.

Wenger was understandably pleased have secured the future of two experienced players and expressed that in an interview to the club’s official site.

“We are delighted that Mertesacker and Rosicky have committed their futures to the club.

“They are players of exceptional quality and experience, and have consistently proven themselves at the highest level. There is a great feeling of togetherness and belief in the group and this news will only help to strengthen this further.” – The Arsenal manager said.

Per Mertesacker also expressed his delight at having committed his future to the club and has thanked the fans for their love and affection towards him.

“It was easy for me to commit myself to the Club. I have been here for two and a half great years and feel I have great support from everyone at the Club and the fans. I’m really looking forward to having more years coming up with this fantastic club. We have a great team here and we all want to do our best to win trophies.”

 “On my first visit to England as a boy I bought an Arsenal jersey as a souvenir and I was so proud wearing it when playing football with my friends. Many years later, I have become a real Gunner, being even more proud to wear the Arsenal jersey. I am truly thankful to the Club and all the supporters for the time I have had here so far. And today I am deeply proud to have extended my contract with Arsenal. I’m proud to be a Gunner.” – The defender said.

Meanwhile, Tomas Rosicky has insisted that his biggest desire is to win the league with Arsenal and he will do his best to help the club achieve that goal.

“I’m very happy that I’m staying at the Club. I’m proud that I’m still here after a long time and that it still continues. I’m glad I’m here at Arsenal and we’re all trying our best to win trophies for the Club and our supporters.”

“Ever since I arrived at Arsenal, I have always felt that I’m at the right place where I want to be. I still feel this way now and I’m proud that after such a long time I’m still here and will continue. One big factor is that I want to win the league with Arsenal. It’s my big goal and I will do everything that I can to achieve it. Arsenal is a great club, we have a great spirit here and we are all working together to do the best we can.” – The Czech international said.

Reports also suggest that the Gunners are close to extending the contract of Santi Cazorla and Aaron Ramsey. The Welsh international, whose wonderful start to the season was halted by an injury, will reportedly become the second highest paid player in the club in this new deal.