After watching Arsenal FC turn out a shambolic performance against Liverpool FC, Arsene Wenger is looking for a response from his side against Manchester United.

Liverpool produced an inspiring performance against Arsenal yesterday at Anfield as they raced to a 4-0 lead in the opening 20 minutes of the game. The Gunners were left shell shocked and couldn’t recover from that point. The game was well and truly beyond them at that point itself.

With big games coming in thick and fast for the Gunners in the next two months, Arsenal probably won’t even have time to reflect upon what went wrong at Anfield as they prepare to face Manchester United in their next Premier League game. It was undoubtedly their worse performance of the season so far, in fact they at least provided more in attack during their defeat against Manchester City, against Liverpool though, none of the players turned up for the game.

Arsene Wenger was understandably lest disappointed from this embarrassing defeat and insisted that his team must now respond immediately to that result. He also shouldered responsibility for that defeat, along with the players.

“What is important is that we respond to that result, especially respond with a different performance because our performance overall was poor.

“On the concentration level, on pace, on defensive stability, it was very poor and we always looked vulnerable.

“If you concede two early goals from set-pieces then you are in a position where you always have to come out.

“I just think the whole team have failed to turn up with the right performance. We know that you need to be better focused at this kind of level.

“Overall our performance was just not good enough and I include myself in that performance.

“For me it is maybe better I don’t talk too much, go home and respond better on Wednesday night.

“Congratulations to Liverpool. They were the best team today and we were very poor – only our fans were good for 90 minutes.” – The Arsenal manager said.

Arsenal have dropped down to second place in the table after this loss as Chelsea cruised to a win against Newcastle United, but they were helped by the fact that Manchester City dropped points on the road against Norwich City. The match against Manchester United will now hold greater importance for the Gunners, who will have to answer a lot of question in the game.