A highly irked Arsenal fan has launched an online anti-Liverpool petition, asking for Denmark and Liverpool player Daniel Agger to be banned after being involved in a tackle which caused Jack Wilshere to be on the sidelines for up to six weeks, a notable amount of times in the crucial juncture of the football season

The injury does indeed leave Arsenal with a huge blow as teams such as Manchester City, Chelsea and maybe even Liverpool might look to exploit the hole caused by it in the Arsenal team. While Chelsea and City are both tipped to be favorites, Liverpool have been considered the dark horses in the race and the Gunner fans are unhappy as they feel that Agger’s ‘malicious tackle’ was a plot to help the Reds.

The online petition reads:

Agger talked about his tackle and said that there was no intended malice in it, and he was simply competing for it.

“It was 50/50. You have to go for those challenges. I was going for the ball and I think I got the ball but the referee didn’t.”

Wenger has shown his disappointment at the loss of Wilshere in the coming weeks but himself has insisted that he thinks the injury caused by Agger was not intentional and has insisted that he will try his best to help Wilshere recover in time to be picked for England:

“And I believe, first of all, it was accident. I think the tackle was strong but I think he wanted to go for the ball, yes.”

“Any player who has an opportunity to go to the World Cup, you do not want to talk him out of that, it is a lost job

“You want to encourage him to go and show [his talents] because you know the meaning it has to go to a World Cup for a player is immense. I will do absolutely everything so that he can get there.”

England manager Roy Hodgson spoke about the incident after the match ruing Wilshere’s loss, but insisting the challenge made by Agger was honest:

“It was an honest challenge but he took a nasty kick and I can only hope he recovers as early as possible.”

Wilshere himself spoke about the incident after the match:

“When I was going for that tackle I thought ‘I’m going to get this’ and then about a step before, I thought ‘No I’m not’.But I’m not going to pull out of a tackle. If I had pulled out I would have got hurt even more. But that’s football. Agger is a committed player, he has shown that for Liverpool, and I’m a committed player as well. It was one of those. We were both going to go for it, and, unfortunately, I was the one who came out a little bit worse. It was painful, but I got through to half-time. I sat down at half-time and it stiffened up a bit. Probably the worst thing I did then was not move it around enough.”

Arsenal and England have  lost Theo Walcott for the remainder of the season and the World Cup after he suffered a cruciate ligament injury.Wilshere missed Euro 2012 after suffering a stress fracture in his right ankle and would be hoping he makes his comeback before the end of the season so that he can be on the plane to Brazil. Arsenal fans know his value to the team and to their trophy ambitions this season and hence have started the campaign, and they would be hopeful of his return as early as possible so that the young star can help them near the trophy drought.

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