Revealing his inner-most secrets and thoughts in his autobiography ‘I Think Therefore I Am’, Andrea Pirlo speaks about Mario Balotelli and how his team-mate Gattuso who would often try and ‘stick’ a fork in the players.

Having announced his retirement post the World Cup this year, Pirlo speaks about Italian striker Mario Balotelli who is known more for his antics off the pitch than on it. Talking about racism in Italy, Pirlo believes that Balotelli is an antidote to racism and hence should be thanked by all those associated with football.

Mario Balotelli is a special kind of medicine, an antidote to the potentially lethal poison of the racists you find in Italian grounds.

They’re an horrendous bunch, a herd of frustrated individuals who’ve taken the worst of history and made it their own. And they’re more than just a minority, despite what certain mealy-mouthed spin doctors would have you believe.

Whenever I see Mario, I’ll give him a big smile. It’s my way of letting him know that I’m right behind him and he mustn’t give up. A gesture that means ‘Thank you’.

The legendary midfielder also revealed what it was like to play alongside Gattuso, a man who was famous for his angry outbursts both on and off the field.

Gattuso-The Fork Stabber!

Gattuso-The Fork Stabber!

Talking about the ‘red mist’, Andrea Pirlo reveals Gattuso’s shocking displays of anger where he would allegedly stab the players with a fork, resulting in players missing games.

You could see the red mist coming down and he just wasn’t able to hide it. We could tell what was coming and so we’d commandeer all the knives. Gattuso would grab a fork and try to stick it in us.

Some of us ended up missing games because of one of Rino’s fork attacks, even if the official explanation from the club was one of muscle fatigue.

Talking about life after football, Andrea Pirlo believes that he will not get into management as he looks to live a quiet and private life after hanging up his football boots. Tired of living under the spotlight, Pirlo reveals how he longs to live a quiet life away from the hustle-butsle of being a manager.

I wouldn’t bet a cent on me becoming a manager. There are too many worries and the lifestyle is far too close to that of a player. In the future, I’d like to get back a semblance of a private life.