Without any doubt, Alexis Sanchez has been the star for Arsenal so far this season, and it would be a scary thought for Arsenal fans to wonder where they would be if it wasn’t for the Chilean international.

Rarely prone to give interviews, Alexis did give one to La Tercera (full translation), with a special plea to the publication that they don’t change any of his quotes! He wrote, “Please don’t change the answers, it’s important that it comes out exactly as I say”

While an unusual request, it is not hard to see why he felt the need to make the request, with the international media prone to exaggerate, misquote and misinterpret things for their gain.

Talking about the year so far, Alexis said he was happy with his season so far.

“I think it was a good year, with more positives than negatives. From all the years, I take away the good things, the joys, and so far, all my years have been great, of course that some have been more than others, but the most important it’s ahead of me, and to try to keep learning and improving, that is the only way to move forward.”

Regarding being the star at Arsenal, while he was just another player at Barcelona, Alexis disagreed that he was the sole superstar at his present club.

“The star thing is relative, I do not agree. We have a squad with a lot of great players, world class players, champions of the world with Germany, and some other players from the England and France national squad. In this group I’m one more, my start has been good, but you put the title of a story when you finish writing it, not when you start. We will see how my history pans out in this club and then it will be the time to evaluate and put a title to it.”

When asked whether he was happy with his decision to move to Arsenal, he said, “When you make a decision you have to convince yourself that it’s the best. It’s impossible to know what would have happened if you had made another decision. So far, I am happy at Arsenal.”

“I have arrived in a league that I love, my club is fantastic with great teammates, a world-renowned coach who really cares about his players… everyone is great! And I’ve recently begun exploring the city more, which is very beautiful and I am enjoying it a lot.”

He also talked about trying to learn the English language, and how much he loves learning new languages.

“I’m trying to learn it, I’m doing good. In any case with all the travels there is not much time, and in this semester we have been abroad with the national squad and in the champions league. But I like learning languages and I’ve already learn Italian, and now I’m doing it with English. The club helps me a lot and there are some players that speak Spanish or Italian, and that helps things work out.”

Alexis was also asked about why he didn’t give more interviews to the media.

“I’m just not very comfortable giving interviews. I know it’s important and I understand and respect a lot the work of media. But sometimes I see a lot of lies. Some of the press in Chile just keeps makes stuff up out of nowhere, giving false information and then the rest of the world just replicates the lies.

“It’s hard for people to distinguish between the serious stuff and the rest. There are some reports that have done a lot of harm in my private and professional life. I wish there was a bit more of respect for the truth; in my case, that I’m a person that represents Chile abroad and that tries to do his best.

“There are a lot of children that see me as a role model and I know that they imitate me playing sport. For that, I think it’s an important responsibility. I see it this way and I think that the media should be more careful when they report about my private life. I also understand that giving interviews is a way to be known better and will try to improve in this area as well.”