With about a week to go for the World Cup, Brazil seems to be struggling at the moment with the preparations for the tournament.

Brazil was rushing on Monday to finish installing seats in stadiums. Along with this major problem, they have to deal with threats ranging from violent protests to dengue fever.

Even though the recent protests have become smaller in comparison to the previous one, the fact that one odd one erupts in a pocket of the nation now and then is a worry for both FIFA and the hosts itself.

The clashes are primarily because people are asking for more money to be spent on social programs and less for stadiums. An estimated $11 billion has been spent on the event in the football loving nation, but people want the authority and leaders of the country to be more concerned with issues like health and poverty, rather than one glamorous tournament.

The Corinthians Arena in Sao Paulo, which will host the opening ceremony and first match between Brazil and Croatia, held a hastily scheduled second test event on Sunday. But the stadium is astonishingly still under construction. FIFA General Secretary Jerome Valcke had said that it was a “vital” requirement to try out the arena with its full 68,000 capacity. But the test fell short and one of the temporary stands was denied a safety certificate.

The original deadline for all 12 host stadiums was December 31 but due to the deaths of construction workers at the Arena Corinthians, and the stadium in Cuiaba, along with venues in Curitiba and Natal, are still not fully completed.

Organizers have apparently also scraped out a lot of infrastructure they had promised which included a high-speed train to subway and monorail lines. Football legend Ronaldo, who is a member of Brazil’s World Cup organizing committee, admitted recently that only 30 percent of the planned projects would be completed.

The southeastern city of Campinas is presently in the middle of the worst dengue fever outbreak in its history and the city is the base camp to the football teams of Portugal and Nigeria.

The incompetency of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) and the Organizing Committee of the tournament is coming to surface as the nation had ample of time to come true to the promises it made about the tournament it so badly wanted to host. Brazil was declared the hosts seven years back. This was official. But they have known that they were going to be the hosts as early as in 2003, when FIFA declared that the tournament would take place in South America and Brazil was the only suitable candidate.

FIFA has since suggested that the fact that the CBF has not involved the government as much as it should is a cause for the numerous problems that are emerging at the moment.

Also home of the 2016 Summer Olympics, some reports indicate that 100,000 people have been kicked out of their homes for the country to thrive on the vacated lands. Needless to say, once the tournament starts, Brazilians will briefly forget these problems. At the end of the tournament, FIFA will get an estimated $4 billion in profits and the Brazilians will get a measly amount of improvement to their everyday lives.