Tottenham Hotspur manager Andre Villas Boas has accepted that Gareth Bale’s transfer to Real Madrid could be completed sooner rather than later. He has also condemned the Welshman for his inappropriate behaviour and missing out on training.

Tottenham Manager Accepts Gareth Bale Could Join Real Madrid

Gareth Bale has been linked with a move away to Real Madrid all throughout this summer, and it seems the Madrid club have finally been able to negotiate a deal for the Welshman. Reports from Spain and England suggest that the transfer is imminent and could be completed in the next few days after Madrid agreed to Tottenham’s demands. But it is believed that the Welshman isn’t pleased with fact that Tottenham are delaying his dream move as Daniel Levy looks to squeeze out few extra pounds from the Spanish club.

Skysports have earlier reported that Bale didn’t report to training on Tuesday and Wednesday and this has burnt the bridge between Andre Villas Boas and the 24-year-old. Although both Levy and AVB have publicly maintained that Bale won’t be sold, the Tottenham manager has now accepted the move could be completed in the upcoming days.

“I’m not sure how long it is going to take. It can happen very, very soon, it could go to the last day (of the transfer window), it could happen in the next two days.” – The Tottenham Hotspur manager said in a press conference.

But Andre Villas Boas also expressed his ire at Gareth Bale’s reluctance to join his club mates in training and insisted that the club will now have to decide whether to fine him for such inappropriate behavior.

“He is involved in a big transfer move to Real Madrid and in the end if it happens, we wish him all the best – what he left here was great memories. But the fact that he hasn’t turned up is not the correct behaviour…

“That is the position they (Bale and his representatives) chose to take and it’s up to the club to decide if it’s a fineable offence.” – AVB added.

But the Portuguese mastermind insisted that he won’t hold any grudge any Bale if and when his transfer to Madrid is officially completed.

“No – I think he obviously had a great season. What is happening is a dream move for him.

“In the end there will be a three-way agreement. Tottenham will accept the biggest deal in world football. In the end I think, if Tottenham accepts it and everything goes all right it will be the end of the story.” – he said.

Tottenham have had a fantastic summer so far and the club has already brought in some exciting new players. The club has won the opening two games of the season, without Bale in the side, and this time they do look to have a stronger squad – with or without the Welsh wizard. But Spurs are expected to make at least one more big name signing this summer as Levy looks to invest back the money generated from Bale’s transfer into the squad. The London club are believed to be close to landing Roma youngster Erik Lamela and have also been linked with Ajax playmaker Christian Eriksen and Chelsea star Juan Mata.

“I’ve told you we will continue strengthening the squad. We are looking at different positions to make stronger. Not only those players but other players as well and I think in the next couple of days you will see further new arrivals,” – Villas Boas insisted.

Commenting on the rumours linking Mata to Spurs, Andre Villas Boas said that his former club are unlikely to sell such an important player to them as the Blues sees them as title contenders.

“First, Chelsea wouldn’t sell to Tottenham in any way or form, as they think that we are title contenders.

“Mata is a great, great player – player of the season last season – very, very important player for Chelsea. They’re just not going to strengthen another team that, in their opinion, are rivals for the title.” – AVB told the press.