Tottenham Hotspur are very close to signing Roberto Soldado from Valencia, but will Daniel Levy give in to the demands? How close is Gareth Bale to signing for Real Madrid?

Valencia have asked Tottenham to put £26m (€30m) on the table if they want to sign Roberto Soldado

Earlier in the week, it was reported that Spurs’ Technical Director Franco Baldini had traveled to Valencia to close the deal for 28-year old striker, Roberto Soldado. However, Spurs’ offer of €26m fell short of the player’s buyout clause and negotiations had stalled.

Villas-Boas has already gone on record, saying that they are in fact interested in signing the player. “It’s not a lie to anybody that we’ve been looking for a striker to strengthen our squad and to have more strength in depth. Roberto is one of the players we have been following and his career speaks for itself. He’s a great striker. But there isn’t a deal being struck at the moment, it’s just interest and conversations“, the Portuguese manager had said.

Valencia president Amadeo Salvo has since stated, “Soldado can go if he wants – for €30m (£26m) and under our conditions. Valencia never had any intention of selling Soldado. If he goes then it is because the €30m (£26m) figure has been met, not a cent less or a cent more. The buying club will also have to accept Valencia’s conditions of payment also. We agreed to meet Tottenham again to discuss the ways of paying and we did that because we understood that his buy-out clause would be met. Speaking about ways that deals are paid is normal and this will be done in a way that suits the financial department of Valencia and not that of any other clubs.

Liverpool are also believed to be in the running for the Spaniard.

THT Verdict: Likely. Having missed out on two of their transfer targets already (Villa and Benteke), Spurs are hardly in a position to take their usual route of playing hardball in this matter. If reports are true and Liverpool are in fact also interested, they can trigger his release clause as soon as the Luis Suarez matter is finalized, leaving Tottenham to lick their wounds again if they don’t close the deal now. Anyway, as the Valencia president is now speaking about terms of payment, it appears that Daniel Levy has finally conceded to paying £26m for Soldado. In a market where any striker worth his salts is going for absurd amount of money, if Spurs are able to bring a decent goal scorer in Soldado for £26m, it will be a reasonably good deal for the North London club.

MARCA claims that Gareth Bale has told Spurs that he wants to quit White Hart Lane for the Bernebeu

Reports emerging from Spain state that Bale has finally made up his mind to sign for Real Madrid this summer, despite Tottenham manager Andre Villas-Boas repeatedly claiming that the Welshman is not for sale. “On Gareth, I want to repeat what I was telling you last season and what I was telling you from the beginning of pre-season so I cannot extend myself. He is a player that we are willing to continue to have, he’s a Tottenham player. He’s one of the most fantastic players in the world and we are counting on him for the future“, he said.

A six-year deal worth £51m (£8.5m per season) is reportedly on offer for Bale and even though Tottenham are themselves trying to get their star player to sign a new bumper deal, the chance to play for Madrid has often proved to be too hard for any player to resist.

THT Verdict: Maybe. MARCA have never hidden their pro-Madrid agenda in the past and the latest stories are a step in the same direction. However, in the case of Gareth Bale, there’s no smoke without the fire. There are quotes from Bale’s agent doing the rounds on how Madrid has been a dream club for his client since childhood, while Zinedine Zidane who is presently the assistant coach of Real Madrid, had said “‘Bale is the number one. The player is class, lets you aspire to winning the Champions League. Not only is he strong and fast, he’s also clever on the pitch.” But, the question remains, do Madrid and Carlo Ancelotti even need Bale? If the intention is to match Barcelona and respond to their signing of Neymar, then the answer is perhaps yes. However, till the time Cristiano Ronaldo dons their colors, there are more pressing needs for the squad. Madrid have just sold Gonzalo Higuain to Napoli and with only Benzema left as far as a proven striker is concerned, they’d be better served by devoting all their attention towards signing Luis Suarez from Liverpool. Not only is Suarez also a world-class player and the signing will match that of Neymar in stature, this move will immediately strengthen an area of immediate need for Real Madrid.