Dashrath Stadium, Kathmandu 
15.15 IST , 5th September 2013


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FT : India 1 –  2  Nepal

So its full time here. India have yet again scored in injury time but this time in a losing cause. In the other match up , Pakistan too have scored a late goal to go 2-1 up against Bangladesh .Importantly India have qualified on a better head to head record !

India 1 –  2  Nepal

92′ : GOAL. India pull one back. Robin Singh unleashes a volley from close distance as Jewel Raja does all the hard work on the right wing

85′ : Interesting last few minutes here as well as in the other Group match. India are hanging on a thread here. Another no impact long throw by Mohanraj ends straight into the keepers hand. That was not interesting though !

India  0  –  2  Nepal

81′ : GOOOAAAAAAAAAL. What fantastic build up play. That was super quick run from the left wing with a pin point cross and then Jamuna Rai puts in into the net. Nepal have done it here.

80′ : Shabby defending by Arnab Mondal as he lets the ball bounce in front of the D as Anil Gurang latches on and takes a shot which is on target but Subrata parries it away. Phew ! That was close. A big chance for Nepal to close the game .

75′ : Bit more urgency in the Indian game now. Can they come back yet again ? Lenny comes in for Arata. The other game between Pakistan and Bangladesh still stands at 1-1 so India are safe as of now , but you never know

India  0  –  1  Nepal

69′ : GOOAAL ! Nepal score. Anil Gurang. Long free kick as Subrata failed to collect and Gurung scores off a rebound from the crossbar !

65′ : Long throw by Mohanraj end up with two Indian heads clashing. Crucial phase in the game now. A goal here can be lethal to either teams. Only half chances for India yet. Not a single proper shot on target. That’s alarming for the coach !

60′ : India passing the ball well but the final third is still haunting the blues. Robin SIngh was slow to turn as India move the game from left to right pretty well. Mehtab with back to back corners for India.

55′ : India soaking up all the pressure here. Nepal are not penetrating enough though to pose a danger. SUnil gets a booking meanwhile , second of the tournament ! Robin SIngh comes in for Jeje.

50′ : Its been all Nepal in the first five minutes of the second half with a couple of decent attempts on goal and good long balls into the box.

45′ : India begin the second half from right to left. Nepal with the first attempt on goal and its on target by Bhulla , a good shot from 30 yards had Subrata Paul dive to hos right to collect

HT : India  0  –  0  Nepal

So a decent first half for India. Much better than their last game. It if it remains as is India will go through the knock outs as Bangladesh and Pakistan have scored a goal each in the other match.

45′ : The game has been mostly played on India’s right wing. Arata puts a good long ball to SUnil who sets it up for Jewel but poor shot by Jewel as the ball goes wide.

40′ : Sunil to Arata who passes to Jewel as he gets Gouramangi into the picture . Good build up play this by India. But Nepal look confident here.

35′ : Nirmal lost control of the ball in India’;s half and that was yet another scare and yet again messed up by Nepal in the final third. India slowing down the game here and mostly relying on sleek passes as Sunil and Jeje are showing good movements upfront.

30′ : Nepal look to be in control at times but its mostly long ball play that has been throttled well by the Indian defenders till now

25′ : India playing much better football here . Jewel Raja passesas it back for Syed Rahim Nabi who crosses one in from the right but . On the other hand , Gurung heads the long ball for his teammate , a bit to heavy touch by Bharat Khawas as he runs into the Indian box as Subrata dives to collect. That was a great chance for Nepal to go ahead here

2o’ : India  0  –  0  Nepal .

Team News

India : 1.Subrata Paul 4.Nirmal Chhetri 19.Gourmangi Singh 5.Arnab Mondal 12.Mohanraj Syed Rahim Nabi 7.Mehtab Hossain Arata Izumi 10.Jeje Robin SIngh 11.Sunil Chettri

Nepal :