Armed Forces Ground, Kathmandu 
15.15 IST , 3rd September 2013


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Full Time : India  1  –  1  Bangladesh

93′ : GOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAl. Sunil Chettri takes a blinder of a free kick as the ball curles past Mamun Khan to earn India a late late equalizer !

90′ : India showing a lot of urgency now. Sunil to Robin back to Jewel , now Arata makes a good run of the ball.  But is this a little too late. Corner for India taken by Mehtab cleared by the defense and India now have a free kick just outside the D area

85′ : Robin Singh comes in for Francesco to salvage the game here for India. Its been a shameful performance till now. Can India get one goal back here ?

82′ India  0  –  1  Bangladesh

80′ : GOOAL. Bangladesh score ! Meshu gets in a deflected ball from the corner. Bangladesh lead here in Kathmandu !

75′ : Its a sleepy creepy pace, this match. India make their second change with Arata Izumi coming in for  Lenny. Hope to see some life into the match with Arata’s inclusion.

70′ : Almost an own goal by Gourmangi minutes ago as Bangladesh pile up pressure. Something is wrong with the Indian setup in this match. No creative and build play whatsoever. Meanwhile Lenny gives the ball away in the midfield just so easily, yet again !

65′ : A couple of yellow cards to Arnab and Nirmal as India make their first change with Dawson coming in for Jeje. Crucial phase this !

60′ : Bangladesh are building up relatively well . The momentum in the game has just pepped up. India are failing to put 2-3 passes together which is a pity to their standard at this level.

55′ : Jewel Raja loses possession . Both teams are cancelling each other out in the midfield. Wonderful opportunity for Sunil Chhetri as he controls the ball which fell fortunately onto his feet , but its a poor poor strike.

50′ : Mehtab Hossain with the first corner of the second half and bit of a scramble in the Bangladeshi D as the defenders are unable to clear the ball. Yet another goal bound delivery from India’s midfield but Mamun Khan collects it this time.

45′ : India begin the second half now from left to right as we expect a better lively performance by the blues. Bangladesh on the other hand are in a do or die mode and it will be interesting to see who strikes first , if we have a goal that is .

HT : India  0  –  0  Bangladesh

45′ : Sunil Chettri was booked for an offense inside the penalty area. Minutes before Sunil was disposed off with a strong challenge from Sohil Rana. Meanwhile India once again had half a chance inside the D but the  shot was very weak to say the least.

40′ : Mehtab Hossain takes a free kick from near the right corner flag. Sunil and Arnab clash heads as the attempt is wasted. With no tall Indian strikers its always going to be a herculean task to get a headed goal .

35′ : Arnab Mondal and Mohanraj are being exposed at times as Ahmed and Ameli attack from the left wing. Now India get a corner and the ball bounces off to the feet of Lenny Rodrigues who hits it high and wide !

30′ : India bit on a back-foot here as the game has shifted into India’s half. Sunil Chhetri on a solo run as India counters but Bangladesh defends in numbers.

25′ : A scare from a long ball from Bangladesh as Nirmal Chhetri clears it out for a corner. First look in by Bangladesh on the Indian goal.  Bangladesh have regrouped in the last few minutes here.

20′ : India had a free kick from some 40 yards. Mehtab passed it short but it didn’t quite work out. Francisco now on the rebound but fails yet again to connect well enough. India should at-least bring the Bangladeshi keeper into action. On the other end , Subrata Paul too has barely touched the ball !

15′ : India  0  –  0  Bangladesh

10′ : India look to be in control here with majority of the possession. But nothing to offer in the final third yet. Bangladesh are closing up pretty well must be said.

5′ : Five minutes into the game and we have a sloppy start here. Couple of chances to India as Francisco and Sunil go way off target.

0′ : Bangladesh begin the game from left to right in white shorts and red jerseys whereas India are in thier traditional all blue uniform

Team News

India : 1.Subrata Paul 4.Nirmal Chhetri 5.Arnab Mondal 6’Lenny Rodrigues 7.Mehtab Hossain 8.Francisco Fernandes 10.Jeje 11.Sunil Chhetri 12.Mohanraj 17.Jewel Raja 19.Gouramangi Singh

Bangladesh : 2.Md Linkon 3.Md Faisal 3.Md Uddin 6.Aiiqur Meshu 10.Md Ameli 11.Md Ahmed 12.Md Hossain 14.Omar Babu 15.Jamal Bhoiyan 17.Sohil Rana 22.Mamun Khan