After a slow start to the transfer window, Arsenal FC smashed their transfer record on the deadline day to land Real Madrid play-maker Mesut Ozil. His arrival has evoked massive reactions in England, Spain and back in Germany. We bring you some of the latest comments on Ozil from his former teammates.

Real Madrid Players Unhappy About Ozil's Transfer To Arsenal - Reactions

Many believe that Mesut Ozil’s transfer to Arsenal could potentially have similar effect to what Bergkamp’s arrival did at the club. How well and quickly he makes his mark in the Premier League is yet to be seen, but this transfer was big statement of intent from the London club. Critics might argue that Ozil was not the player Arsenal required, as there were more pressing issues to be addressed in the squad. i.e a striker and a defensive midfielder, but one doesn’t buy a player like Ozil based on needs. When someone like Ozil becomes available in the market, you should grab the opportunity with both the hands. Similar to what Manchester United did with Robin van Persie. United already had a host of options upfront, yet they decided to buy RvP and that transfer went on to change the course of the title race. While this Arsenal squad might yet not be strong enough to beast the likes of Chelsea, Manchester United or Manchester City to the title this season, but they are now sure to run them close. Moreover, with fans and media raising questions about whether Arsenal as a club and Arsene Wenger as a manager can still attract World class talents, this record breaking transfer will silence all of them.

In fact Mesut Ozil has revealed how Arsene Wenger was the deciding factor in this move. The German international wasn’t sure about leaving Real Madrid, but after talking to the Arsenal manager and listening to his plans about him and the club, Ozil knew what he had to do.

“At the weekend, I was certain that I would stay at Real Madrid.

“But afterwards I realised that I did not have the faith from the coach or the bosses. I am a player who needs this faith and that is what I have felt from Arsenal, which is why I have joined.

“I am a player who needs this faith and that is what I have felt from Arsenal, which is why I have joined.

“I am really looking forward to it because I have the faith of the coach. I had spoken to him at length on the telephone, he explained his plans and that he has faith in me – that is what I need as a player.” – The new Arsenal star told the press.

While his arrival has delighted millions of Gooners across the globe, there were contrasting emotions at Real Madrid. The fans chanted “Don’t sell Ozil” during Gareth Bale’s unveiling – the message was clear for Perez. But Real Madrid needed to sell Ozil, more for financial reasons than footballing reasons. Having broken the transfer record for Gareth Bale, they needed to balance their book. Moreover the club was unwilling to meet Ozil’s demands of increased wages in his new contract. But the German international’s departure has not only left the fans in shock, the players are yet to come to terms with his absence in the dressing room. From Sergio Ramos to Cristiano Ronaldo, everyone has voiced their displeasure at this transfer – it is clear to see how highly the his team mates regarded him as a footballer.

Sergio Ramos

“Mesut is a different player. If it was up to me he would be one of the last players to go. But he and the club have made their decision and I can only wish him the best.

“I get on really well with him. He’s a unique player and it’s a shame. These are personal things, he decides his future. Everyone chooses what’s best and he’s free to do what he wants.

“We have a great team and hopefully it will be a great season.”

Alvaro Arbeloa

“I’m a little bit surprised, it’s a shame, and it’s a big loss to the dressing room, on a footballing level and on a personal level too.

“He said goodbye to us on Sunday, but I thought he was joking. He’s very different, there’s no player like him in the world. He makes the difference on the pitch.

“He’ll have his reasons for moving. But we will keep looking forward, we have other great players. I understand it’s tough for the fans, they loved him. He is a phenomenon and got on well with everyone. It’s a real loss.”

Cristiano Ronaldo

‘The sale of Ozil is very bad news for me.

‘He was the player who best knew my moves in front of goal… I’m angry about Özil leaving.’


‘To be honest it has surprised me, and more so after he said last week that he was going to stay.

‘We all know Ozil, he has a lot of quality and he’s a player who is capable of changing a game.”

Sami Khedira

“I personally of course find it sad to see Mesut going away (from Real) as I have just said earlier before. We have been and we still are very, very good friends and we have strengthened this friendship during our time in Madrid. And seen from the athletic (professional) view, I think that this can be a loss, because Mesut again and again has made the difference – and can make the difference (in any match). But it is his personal decision and I have to accept this, so has the club.”

Meanwhile, Ozil’s transfer has also evoked massive reaction from German media and fans. There is almost a sense of relief across the nation. One of their leading daily’s headline read “Escaping the circus’ at Real Madrid. There was a general fear that with the World cup looming large in the horizon Ozil might not get enough opportunity at Madrid after the arrival of Isco and Bale. But at Arsenal, under a manager like Arsene Wenger, and in a team where he will be THE star player, Ozil can improve a lot as a player.

Damien Comolli, former Arsenal scout and former director of football at Tottenham, said that he could prove to be a massive signing for the Gunners.

“I think it’s the one signing of the summer that can make a massive difference,” Comolli told Sky Sports News.

“He’s a truly world-class player and when you look at the going rate at the moment, you know the Cavanis, the Bales, the Falcaos, he’s cheap.

“In a side that is already very good technically, he’s going to bring even more creativity and imagination and technique. I think he’s going to be a massive, massive signing for Arsenal.” – Comolli said.

Arsenal’s next match just can’t come quick enough for the fans, who are eager to see the German work his magic on the pitch alongside the likes of Cazorla, Ramsey and Walcott.