Scottish giants Rangers FC are interested in joining English football, says Chief Executive Charles Green.

Rangers FC

Rangers, who are currently plying their trade in the third division of Scottish football, were relegated from the Scottish Premier League after the club went under administration and were liquidated eventually, back in 2012.

Rangers’ relegation is considered to be one of the darkest moments in European football history as a club with such history and incredible fan following doesn’t deserve to be playing in lowly third division of Scottish football. But their fate was alluded to the current financial climate in European football, where lots of clubs across leagues are burdened with unimaginable debts and financial disability.

But the fact is that Rangers’ relegation has taken the shine of the Scottish Premier League, which was mostly renowned across the world for the Old Firm rivalry, in fact now the SPL has essentially become a one horse race with Celtic leading second placed Motherwell by 16 points.

10 out of the 12 members clubs rejected Rangers’ plea to participate in the Scottish Premier League after Sevco Scotland Limited brought the club. This decision obviously didn’t go down well with Rangers and their fans as the historic club joined the lowest division of Scottish football.

Charles Green, the Chief Executive of Rangers football club, echoed that frustration with Scottish football and revealed that the club is taking legal advice regarding a possible move to English football. Green also pointed out that it would be a breach of European law to deny Rangers the chance to participate in England.

“I would be delighted to be the chief executive of Rangers that took them into the English league.

“We are going to pursue it. We’ve sought legal advice.

“I’ve had enough indications that Scottish football don’t like us and don’t want Rangers, so I look at other options.

“I have taken legal counsel, because let’s be clear: it is a breach of European competition law to deny Scottish clubs, not just Rangers, the right to play in England.

“That is against European law.

“I don’t believe that the authorities would stand back and try to ignore that position.”

“You just try and explain to me why a Welsh club can play in the English league but a Scottish club can’t.” – Green said in an interview to talkSPORT.

Welsh clubs like Swansea City, Cardiff City and Wrexham have all been part of the English football ever since these clubs were founded. Few of the Welsh clubs did move away to the Welsh Premier League after it was founded in 1992. But clubs from other countries participating in foreign leagues in mostly based on invitations. It is unlikely that FA will invite Rangers to participate in the English football, but it will be interesting to see what materializes if and when Rangers does apply for a change. Even if their appeal is accepted, it seems likely they will have to start from lower divisions of English football. But can you imagine semi-amateur teams from North square Premier League travelling to Scotland for their away matches? It seems highly unlikely, unless the FA agrees to draft them in the Championship or League One – but then which team would like to lose their place in the league in order to welcome Rangers to England? It would certainly lead to a lot of complexity.