Nadine Kessler - Image courtesy of Wolfsburg Women's TeamIn this edition of The Talking Game, Bundesliga editor Aditya Balaram interviews  German footballer Nadine Keßler  . She currently plays for VfL Wolfsburg and the German national team

All eyes were on the treble winning Bayern Munich side but they weren’t the only team to pull off the remarkable feat last season. In fact, the other team to do so was also from Germany, making it an unforgettable year for the country. The VfL Wolfsburg women’s team took European football by storm, winning the Bundesliga, DFB Pokal and the UEFA Cahmpions League. Captaining this side to these great heights was Nadine Keßler. Success was not new to this attacking star as she had already tasted title triumphs with Turbine Potsdam in the past.

1. German clubs seem to be at the pinnacle of success in both the men’s and women’s circuits. What do you attribute this to?

Nadine. The clubs have to work hard for it and they invest a lot in football. Another important attribute is discipline.

2. How do you rate the development of German Women’s football over the last few years? Has the positive media attention led to an improvement in professionalism?

Nadine. Definitely, the attention of the media is essential for the professionalism in Women’s football.

3. After German clubs’ failures in the last two years at the hands of Lyon, how was it to win against them in the Champions League final?

Nadine. It was amazing. Lyon is more or less the best team in the world. To beat them as an underdog was even more fantastic.

4. You were part of the Turbine Potsdam team that beat Lyon in 2010 and then lost to them the following year. So that’s three finals that you have been in against Lyon. Which was the hardest game and why?

Nadine. The first game in Getafe because of the hard weather. Furthermore the game had a great intensity and was very long. It was exciting until the penalty shoot-out.

5. Turbine Potsdam are one, if not the biggest, powerhouses in women’s football in Germany. What was the reason for your switch to VfL Wolfsburg?

Nadine. On the one hand the professional work convinced me to switch to VfL Wolfsburg. On the other hand there’s a high quality of players in the team and the team spirit, which is at a very high level.

6. Do you see Wolfsburg repeating those remarkable feats of last season in the upcoming one?

Nadine. It is hard to say if it’s possible to repeat this success but we want to.

7. How important is it for German clubs to bring in foreign players in order to achieve sustained success?

Nadine. It’s very important because you need new inputs to advance yourself. Foreign players are part of this input.

8. Do you see yourself moving to a club outside Germany in the future?

Nadine. Maybe. I don’t have any plans but it’s not impossible.

9. European nations have been a step behind the likes of Japan, Brazil and the USA. Why do you think this has been the case?

Nadine. I don’t think that is the case. The pinnacle of the world is very tight in women’s football. And European teams are also part of it as much as Japan, Brazil and the USA are.

10. After winning the Euros, do you think that Germany has closed the gap to the top nations like Japan and the US and can win the next World Cup?

Nadine. It’s hard to estimate that at this time. The only thing I can say so far is that we want to play as well as we can.


TheHardTackle would like to thank Nadine Keßler for taking time of from her busy schedule and answering our questions, and also Mirja Oppermann, Head of Media and Communications with the Wolfsburg Women’s team, for helping conduct this interview.