It is arguably the biggest match of the I-League as East-Bengal face off against Mohun Bagan in the Kolkata Derby and TheHardTackle brings to you the live-updates

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MMB : Shilton Paul , A Khongjee , Nirmal Chettri , E Anyichie , Denson Devdas , Odafa Okolie , Tolgay Ozbey , Syed Rahim Nabi , Jewel Raja , Manish Maithani , Manish Bhargav

KEB : Abhijit Mondal , Arnab Mondal , Uga Opkara , Baljit Sahini , Harmanjyot Khabra , Edeh Chidi , Mehtab Hussain , Penn Orji , Lalrindika Ralte , Saumik Dey , Ishfaq Ahmed

FULL TIME :  MMB  0  –  0  KEB

90′ : Looks like nobody wants to lose here. Title and relegation up for stake, Hardly a chance being created by either side. 

88′ : Cavin Lobo to Penn Orji and thats a lovely flick back to Lobo who crossess that one in but the Khongjee clears it

86′ : Crowd getting a bit restless here. Time is running out. Meanwhile , as usual , flag is up against Odafa. Two tired looking sides , must say. Afternoon kick off this.

84′ : Once again good build up play by East Bengal. Good passing in the midfield.  Possession stats read at 40%-60% , in favour of East Bengal

82′ : Sanju Pradhan comes in for Ishfaq. Can he have an impact here. Sanju does have the caliber. Goal mouth action coming up !

80′ : MMB  0  –  0  KEB

78′ : Syed Rahim Nabi looks injured. Nabi is now being replaced by Sushanta Mathew. 

76′ : Chidi gets a ball into the D , twists turns and passes to Cavin Lobo who shoes some good movements and nice feet as he controls the ball  past two defenders but his finish is weak.

74′ : Mehtab the playmaker has been running all around the pitch and making himself involved. Great to watch. Meanwhile neither team is looking to go for the kill . Surprising play this  !

72′ : Four defenders on Tolgay and Odafa when on attack. Trevor Morgan has got this right. Literally no space for Mohun Bagan’s prolific strikers to make any moves.

70′ : MMB  0  –  0  KEB

68′ : The pace has slowed down here , for the first time is this match. Crucial period this. 

66′ : Cavin Lobo comes in for East Bengal, for Sahini. Meantime Odafa is down on ground with a muscle pull

64′ : No decisive cutting edge as yet. For Mohun Bagan , Denson and Manish Bhargav has had a good game. Mostly off the ball though. 

62′ : Odafa in an off side position yet again and again and again. Chidi on the other hand moves pass one defender and shoots from some 30 yards. Off target !

60′ :  MMB  0  –  0  KEB

59′ : Anyichie clashes with his own goal keeper there Shilton. Ball out for a corner.

57′ : Disappointing there by Ishfaq. had lot of options , but somehow selected a green and maroon player  for that pass. Meanwhile Odafa is caught off side , yet again ! 

55′ : Mohun Bagan has been the better side till no in the second half. Real intense about the mariners. 

53′ : Meanwhile , Jewel Raja has been substituted ! Bencherifa brings in Chakrobarty.

51′ : Odafa on the run and his is on side. Passes to Tolgey inside the D now and Ozbey shoots towards the goal but is blocked by the East Bengal defense. Looked like a hand ball there !

49′ : Neat work by Saumik Dey and Mehtab Hussain.  But its the final third that East Bengal are failing to deliver.

47′ : Ishfaq goes down , infact he has been brought down by Tolgay in midfield. Old mates coming together huh ?  On the other hand Bhargav clashes with Sahini. Bit scrappy start to this period.

45′ : Second half about to begin as Mohun Bagan now go from left to right. More importantly , we have a second half this time !

HALF TIME  :  MMB  0  –  0  KEB

44′ : Lovely one touch by Odafa for Tolgey who chases that one into the box . Well defended by Opkara.

42′ : Bencherifa will be disappointed with the way his boys have lost possession , often !

40′ : MMB  0  –  0  KEB

38′ : Strong work from Penn Orji somehow finds Chidi and a shots coming in for Shilton who parries it away for a a corner.

36′ : What a chance for East Bengal . Closet that they have got till now. Ishfaq with the cross was actually straight into Shilton but he made it look difficult with bodies surrounding him and spills it over for Chidi who turns but just could not control well enough to get the ball into the net.

34′ : Chidi Edeh is playing a bit wide as Sahini as moved into the striker position and Penn Orji just behind. Mohun Bagan on the other hand are in a typical 4-4-2 formation with a constant and direct supply to Tolgey and Okolie upfront.

32′ : Header coming in from Sahini , good one that , just wide of the post.

30′ : MMB  0  –  0  KEB

28′ : Hits the Post ! Free kick by Odafa , There were 7 in KEB wall . But Odafa manages to get past and completely beats Mondal but the ball hits the post. .

26′ : Strong play by Ozbey and Odafa who earns a free kick just outside the box. Dangerous this for East Bengal. 

24′ : Ishfaq , Mehtab , Ralte now back to Mehtab beautifully worked this, now Chidi shoots but sharply saved by Shilton Paul

22′ : Nabi crosses one in from the left for Tolgey, who cannot reach to it, but Odafa is there behind, sets it up for Maithani and Manish Mathani latches on, shoots on target but lacks power, collected by  Mondal

20′ : MMB  0  –  0  KEB

18′ : Ozbey to Bhargav now to Odafa who looks again for Ozbey. Good move by Mohun Bagan but its too hasty for one’s liking. 

16′ : Good turn by Penn Orji , lovely swivel of the hips but is eventually blocked by Mohun Bagan’s Nirmal Chettri.

14′ : Sahini to Mehtab now to Khabra looks for Chidi who has been held by Uga and rightly earns a free kick. Good decision by the Ref.

12′ : Lively first ten  minutes here. Contrasting styles of play on display as East Bengal are ready to pass the ball around whereas Mohun Bagan are trying to get the ball up first time.

10′ : MMB  0  –  0  KEB

8′ : Crosses and set pieces have just been a bit over hit by East Bengal. Probably some adrenaline rush getting up. Good work from Mehtab Hussain nonetheless , keeping possession.

6′ : Almost an own GOAL ! , Ozbey crosses one in from the left and Uga Okpara tries to clear the ball , but in the wrong direction !  Corner now and Nirmal Chhetri latches on it with a sublime header just off target !

4′ : Chidi Edeh on the prowl and we have the first corner of the match for East Bengal. Ralte with a left foot punch gets Shilton Paul into action.

2′ : East Bengal with some early possession as we have a counter attack by Togay Ozbey , well shielded off by Opkara 

0′ :  Mohun Bagan in green – maroon jerseys and white shorts play from right to left against East Bengal in their traditional red and gold jerseys and black shorts .