Dasarath Stadium, Kathmandu
18.15 IST, 11th September 2013


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FT : India  0  –  2  Afghanistan

94′ : Thats it ! Final whistle. Afghanistan are the South Asian Champions !

92′ : Subrata comes outside his area to clear a counter from Afghanistan as Mehtab took the corner.

90′ : Four minutes added. It has just not been India’s day wrt finishing.

88′ : Francisco with a cross and Sunil latches on but heads the ball just over the cross bar.

86′ : Subrata saves a low shot. The crowd has gone silent here. An Indian defeat is looming and we might just have new SAFF Champions.

84′ : Dawson comes in for Nirmal. Mansur gets a yellow card for time wasting.

82′ : That was foolish from Subrata. He had his hands on the ball outside the box as he attempted to take a shot.

80′ : As we enter the last ten minutes it would not be a surprise if India scores one here as they have throughout this SAFF tournamemt , but can they score two ?

78′ : Lenny from 40 yards , what a strike what a save !. Ball out for a corner but wasted.

76′ : That was close as the Afghan substitue Hashma hits over the bar from close distance

74′ : Fancy footwork and skills by Sunil Chettri as he comes close to score but the ball is over the bar

72′ : Robin and SUnil have been caught offside positions . Afghanistan have been holding of a high line.

70′ : So after an exhilarating fifteen odd minutes the pace has slowed down a bit.

68′ : Hits the cross bar ! Sunil Chettri what an effort. Mansur did get a hand to it. India denied yet again !

66′ : GOOOAAL. Against the run of play. Afghanistan score . Sanjar Ahmadi hits it past Subrata who got a hand to it but could not prevent it from going inside the nets.

64′ : Francisco to Sunil who has a burst of energy , turn , shoots but that was a weak shot.

62′ : Meanwhile Robin Singh had a great opportunity earlier to scoop it past the keeper but Mansur saved it.

60′ : Sunil comes in for Jeje.

58′ : Arnab gets a booking for bringing down Azadzoy

56′ : Jeje to Arata to Lenny now Mebtab to Nirmal who puts it into box for Jeje who heads it down but no blue shirt and the ball is cleared

54′ : Lenny intercepts that ball well and now passes it on to Robin who makes a good dash towards the Afghan goal.

52′ : Jeje on the run being obstructed by Hadid but Jeje continues till the very end near the goal shoots across the post.

50′ : Mehtab to Nirmal now to Lenny back to Mehtab now Nirmal again good play this by India.

48′ : Robin Singh denied by Mansur Fagiryar. First short on target by India in the second half

46′ : Afghanistan begin the second half from right to lead with a single goal lead. India has had a habit of scoring late goals , it ll be interesting to see what happens in the next 45 mins.

HT : India  0  –  1   Afghanistan

44′ : Jeje moves to the right now. Good build up play by India in this half. Two minutes of added time here.

42′ : Nabi with a long cross right across the field to Francisco who cuts back and crosses one in for Robin but he is caught in an offside trap.

40′ : Caution been handed out to Mashriqi for time delaying tactics. It’s too early to do that Yusef !

38′ : Its been all India in the last ten minutes or so. The crowd is behind India too. Can they blue boys convert the possession here ?

36′ : Oh that was close . What a shot by Mehtab from 30 yards. Oh Jeje on the rebound. Cleared on the line. Now Arata cleared out for a corner. That was close. That should have been a goal for India.

34′ : Robin Singh has been chasing down the ball ever so hard. Arata attempts one long ranger but is blocked by the Afghan defense

32′ : Corner for India. Mehtab finds Gourmangi who heads it back and is cleared by the keeper.

30′ : Jeje , Arata , Francisco , Nabi , Robin , Mehtab are doing all the hard work up front. Just a final touch is what eludes India.

28′ : Robin to Francisco and now Araataaaaa but saved by the keeper. Good movements that from India

26′ : Jeje with another effort but a weak one from his left foot.

24′ : First quarter of a match and its been an exciting one till now.

22′ : Jeje chests a cross from the right wing, controls on the right and then lays it for Robin Singh who shoots first time but is wide.

20′ : Afghanistan are playing swift football here when on build up. Short and accurate passes and quick movements are doing the trick for the Reds.

18′ : India on a counter attack with a long ball and we have Robin Singh colliding with the keeper as both players gave their all to reach the ball.

16′ : Mehtab with a free kick but none of blue shirts could reach the heights.

14′ : India playing in a 4-3-2-1 formation. After some initial dominance its been Afghanistan all the way.

12′ : Yet again Afghanistan pierce the Indian defense from the right wing but a timely tackle by Arnab saves the day.

10′ : Another Afghan attack from India’s left wing crossed in by Ahmadi. Back to back corners for Afghanistan.

India  0  –  1   Afghanistan

8′ : GOOAL. Afghanistan score a beautiful goal as the Indian defense was completely broken down. Mustafa Azadzoy the goal scorer.

6′ : Arnab and Nirmal both trying long balls for Robin. With Sunil not starting Jeje and Robin are eagerness to earn a permanent place.

4′ : Decent crowd in the stadium considering this is a neutral finale.

2′ : Robin Singh chases down the ball in the Afghan half and wins it ! . Ball with Nabi who crosses one in and Francisco recieves it inside the D but could not control as Afghan defender clears the ball

0′ : India in thier traditional all blues begin from right to let whereas Afghanistan are in all reds.

Team News

India : 1.Subrata 4.Nirmal 5.Arnab 6.Lenny 7.Mehtab 8.Francisco 10.Jeje 14.Arata 19.Gourmangi 22.Nabi 23.Robin