Damien Comolli, former Tottenham and Liverpool director of football, has criticized Greg Dyke for his ‘poor speech’ and has urged FA to develop better coaches.

Foreigners In Premier League - Damien Comolli Hit Out At FA And Greg Dyke

The debate about whether the increasing trend of foreign import in the Premier League is hurting the England national team on the long run was initiated by FA Chariman Greg Dyke few days back. Dyke pointed out a ‘frightening trend’ where only 32% of the players used by the Premier League clubs last season were English. While Duke agreed that Premier League is the ‘golden goose’, he questioned whether it provided the right platform for the young English talents to develop as clubs relied heavily on foreigners.

Veteran English footballers like Frank Lampard and Rio Ferdinand has voiced their support for Dyke’s argument and said that the FA must act now. Ferdinand has even asked the governing body to impose limits on the number of foreign players being used by the clubs in a strong statement.

“Having so few English players in the Premier League diminishes the English team, of course it does,” Ferdinand told The Mail on Sunday.

“Look at the Manchester City game recently against Newcastle. There was barely an English player on the pitch, three out of 22 starters.

“That is a disgrace.

“If you look at it and ask whether there should be a stipulation that you have a minimum number of players who are English, even just in your squad, I think that should happen.

“If you look at a lot of teams, there are England players who aren’t playing for their clubs – yet we’re hoping to go to a World Cup and do well!” – Ferdinand said back then.

But former Liverpool and Tottenham director of football Damien Comolli has hit out at Dyke and the FA and has urged to find out why the clubs are depending on foreign players rather than criticizing the clubs for that. Comolli believes that the FA needs to develop better coaches and improve the grass root level.

“Everybody is pointing fingers at the Premier League – because they do not want to look at their own failures,

“I thought Greg Dyke’s speech was very poor. The FA needs to produce better quality coaches, and more of them.

“Roy Hodgson will be feeling very frustrated – any manager in his shoes would be. It is not a good thing that there are no English players in the Premier League, but people are not looking at the right reasons for them not being there.

“Instead of blaming the Premier League, they need to work with them. Managers in England have too much say about what is going on. All over the world, stability and consistency is the most important thing.

“In England, a new manager comes in, then brings his mate to take charge of the Under-12s. Most teams change managers about every 18 months, so that brings an incredible instability to the academy.

“That is absolutely killing the youth development in England, I’m convinced of that.” – Comolli said.

While Comolli does have a strong point, it is fair to say that on hindsight England’s solution might lie in-between his proposal and that of Dyke. As of now, we leave you to decide, what step should England take in order to improve the situation? Leave us with your thoughts.