Football Crossword - Down & Across - 8 puzzle


2) This Premier League club has Latin inscriptions on its badge

(9 letters)

6) Who did Christian Benteke score his first Aston Villa hat-trick against at the end of April?

(10 letters)

8) Christopher Samba was signed by QPR from this Russian club.

(5 letters)

9) George Boateng and Edwin van der Sar have made over 300 English Premier League appearances. Which other Dutch footballer achieved this?

(8 letters)

12) This is the only side whose name starts with 5 consonants. This side has also been relegated four times.

(7, 6 letters)

14) In the movie, “Escape to Victory”, which side did Pele and Bobby Moore play for?

(3, 6 letters)

15) This is the the only player to have scored in a Champions League Final, UEFA Cup Final, FA Cup Final and League Cup Final

(7 letters)

16) This Premier League player is the only player to have won the Champions League, UEFA Cup, Premier League and FA Cup, and also been relegated from the Premier League

(4 letters)

17) Only four Scotsmen have won Chelsea’s Player of the Year Award. Three of them are Charlie Cooke, Pat Nevin and David Speedie. Who is the fourth?

(5, 6 letters)

18) There are 8 clubs in the English League with badges depicting humans. Seven of them are AFC Bournemouth, Charlton Athletic, Doncaster Rovers, Yeovil Town, Scunthorpe United, Burton Albion and Bristol Rovers. Which is the eighth club?

(8 letters)

19) This player has played in all of the following derbies: Munich, Merseyside, North London, Milan and Tyne-Tees

(9, 5 letters)

20) Eight Italians have been managers in the Premier League. Seven of them are Carlo Ancelotti, Claudio Ranieri, Gianfranco Zola, Gianluca Vialli, Paolo Di Canio, Roberto di Matteo and Roberto Mancini. Who is the eighth?

(7, 8 letters)



1) This player scored a hat-trick in the Charity Shield for the reigning champions before winning the title with the team he scored against later the same season

(7 letters)

3) Luis Suarez scores a Premier League hat-trick against this club in August 2012, in a repeat of his treble against the same club in the 2011/12 season

(7, 4 letters)

4) This is the first goalkeeper to score in the Premier League

(10 letters)

5) This Premier league manager was the world’s first £2 million pound player

(4, 6 letters)

7) This side claims to have the biggest pitch, measuring 116 by 77 yards

(10, 4 letters)

10) Which Scottish football were named after an English rugby team?

(7 letters)

11) This David has the highest number of Premier League medals.

(7 letters)

13) This expensive striker’s two children are named Nora and Leo

(6 letters)

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