Football Crossword


4) The formation 1-1-2-1-2-1-2-1 was a favourite of this former legend.

(6 letters)

5) Cesare Maldini once said “he has a radar where his brain should be” about this former legend. He signed for Milan in 1954 for a record transfer fee and went on to win three Serie A titles.

(4, 10 letters)

8) This team holds the record for going the maximum matches unbeaten at home in the domestic league, a record which is yet to be broken since 1965.

(4, 6 letters)

10) In 1892, this was introduced to reduce time wasting. This was prompted by an incident where the goalkeeper of Aston Villa had kicked the ball out of the ground to prevent Stoke City from taking a penalty. By the time the ball had been found, the game had ended.

(6, 4 letters)

11) The film “The Game of their lives” is based on this team.

(5, 5 letters)

12) In the 1962 European Cup final, this player said “Mr Coluna, may I take the penalty?” minutes before scoring that and another to seal a famous 5-3 win.

(7 letters)

13) This former Bayern legend once hid in a coal cellar when he was sharing a room with Uli Hoeness to avoid military service.

(4, 8 letters)

14) Under this player’s leadership, Internacional went a whole season unbeaten in 1979, a feat yet to be matched in Brazilian football since.

(6 letters)

15) This player was nicknamed “The Vulture”.

(10 letters)

17) Four men were once playing cards on a jet with the FIFA World Cup between them. Among them were Dino Zoff, Franco Causio and Sandro Pertini. Who was the fourth?

(4, 7 letters)

19) What is the traditional shirt number for an Enganche?

(3 letters)



1) From 16/12/1993 to 21/1/1996, this team went unbeaten for 35 matches, a record recently matched by Spain.

(6 letters)

2) This iconic stadium recently completed 87 years.

(3, 4 letters)

3) This former Argentine once said “Football is an excuse to make us happy.

(5, 7 letters)

4) This Nurnberg player shares his name with a character from F.R.I.E.N.D.S show.

(8 letters)

6) Along with Platini, Luis Fernandez and Jean Tigana, he formed the Magic square for France.

(5, 7 letters)

7) Number of games played by George Best in World Cups.

(4 letters)

9) Literal meaning of ‘Catenaccio

(8 letters)

16) This player was nicknamed “The Black Tulip”.

(6 letters)

18) George Best once said “He can’t kick with his left foot, he can’t head a ball, he can’t tackle and he doesn’t score many goals. Apart from that he’s all right.” about this player.

(7 letters)


Football Crossword - Down & Across - 5 solutions

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