Football Crossword



5) Headed the Austrian Football association and was also the head coach at the same time. Belonged to the Danubian school and also led the Wunderteam.

(4, 5 letters)

8) This ‘little bird’ terrorised USSR in “the greatest three minutes in the history of football”.

(9 letters)

9) Made the famous comment – “Only three people in history have managed to silence the Maracanã with a single gesture: the Pope, Frank Sinatra and I“.

(7 letters)

13) The coach of Brazil 1982 World Cup team.

(7 letters)

14) This former Arsenal player was the first-ever manager of Calcio.

(7, 7 letters)

15) Dida was the second black goalkeeper for Brazil. He was the first.

(7 letters)

16) This famous player was once asked to lead the team not because he could play football but because he could speak several languages.

(5 letters)

17) This Torino player was killed by his fan who literally idolised him. The fan later went on to become the President of the club.

(4, 6 letters)

18) Greatest exponent of Fascism in football. One of the chief reasons why Italy hosted the 1934 World Cup.

(9 letters)



1) This player scored a hattrick in the match dubbed as “Match of the Century”

(9 letters)

2) Regarded as a pioneer of the “bicycle kick”. Had a chocolate brand named after him.

(8 letters)

3) Captained the most artful team in the history of football, yet could not win the World Cup. Died in December, 2011. Name rhymes with a Greek philosopher.

(8 letters)

4) Along with Victor Maslov, he is regarded as one of the key reasons behind USSR’s mathematical approach to football.

(11 letters)

5) This manager led Arsenal to a decade of dominance and is considered by many as one of the first modernisers of football.

(7, 7 letters)

6) Internazionale defeated this club, who fielded a team of 11 to 14 year olds as a mark of protest against the FIGC to win their first-ever Scudetto.

(3, 8 letters)

7) This team battled Hungary at Berne.

(7 letters)

9) An advocate of socialist football, this manager created magic with Maygars.

(6, 5 letters)

11) This club won five consecutive league titles under Lobanovskyi, replicating the success of il Grande Torino.

(6, 4 letters)

12) Precursor to the Champions League and Europa League.

(7 letters)