Electronic Arts‘ highly-acclaimed game FIFA 13 was released on September 2012 in most regions, and in Japan in October. There were 46 international teams on FIFA 13 with addition of 3 new teams. One of them was India. This year FIFA 14 game is expected to be released in September 2013 or in October if  the GAME Listing is accurate. The big question is “Will India be included again? And if yes, will I-league will feature along with it?”

This answer could be decided by Indian fans means by us. Surprised? Yes this is true, a voting poll is in progress in FIFPlay  website to include some new leagues in this edition of FIFA game. Although they are not EA’s official website but they do have the responsibilities to connect fans ideas with EA. And the best part is that EA do listen passionately to fans opinions and in most of the cases it was implemented in upcoming FIFA games. In 2012 there was voting polls where Saudi Arabian league had the maximum support and it was finally included in FIFA 13.

FIFPlay Voting Polls

The Most Important League for FIFA 12 as Per Votes:

  • Iranian League (49%)
  • Saudi Arabian League (49%)
  • Romanian League (1%)
  • Dutch Second League (1%)

Total Votes: 207,487

Make Your Vote Count

There is also a “Wishlist” for every edition before the release of any FIFA games and the best comment with maximum liked comment is directed towards the stakeholders. In FIFA 13 wishlist one fan had wished to include India in FIFA 13 along with EURO CUP ,WORLD CUP and ASIAN CUP, which got around 40 likes and see apart from ASIA cup all the wishes were fulfilled.

Earlier before the release of FIFA 13, Indian fans had to download FIFA patch which was required to be installed after the original games which bring some more additional teams like India, Malaysia etc. and then they could  fulfill there dream to play as an Indian team but for limited period as those patches used to crash in between the games. But when FIFA 13 was released ,fans got the original taste of having the privilege of playing as India. And if I-League will be included then the game will be become even more exciting and the tag of “Free Agent” as it appeared on Indian player except Indian captain Sunil Chhetri  will be removed from FIFA games. The best part is no more patches are required then for bringing India national team and I-League in FIFA game. This year FIFA 14 will introduce and modify  9 new features to the franchise :

1)     Pure Shot

2)     Real Ball Physics

3)     Protect The Ball

4)     Teammate Intelligence

5)     Sprint Dribble Turns

6)     Variable Dribble Touches

7)     2nd Chance Tackles

8)     Curling Lofted Through Balls

9)     Skill Games

With these features the new edition of the game is surely going to be a big hit  in FIFA series and it would be nice if India is a part of it.

These are the ratings and status of the Indian players in FIFA 13:

Goalkeeper :                                         Status

Subrata Pal – 64                                  Free Agent

Karanjit Singh – 59                              Free Agent

Subhashish Chowdhury – 52              Free Agent

Defense :

Gouramangi Singh – 63                     Free Agent

Anwar Ali – 63                                   Free Agent

Samir Naik – 59                                Free Agent

Raju Gaikwad – 57                           Free Agent

Syed Nabi – 56                                Free Agent

Nirmal Chettri – 56                          Free Agent

Denzil Franco – 55                         Free Agent


Mehtab Hossain – 61                      Free Agent

Mehrajuddin Wadoo – 58                Free Agent

Lalrindika Ralte – 58                      Free Agent

Jaspal Singh – 57                         Free Agent

Clifford Miranda – 56                    Free Agent

Rocus Lamare – 52                     Free Agent

Baldeep Singh Junior – 52          Free Agent

Jewel Raja – 50                          Free Agent


Attack :

Robin Singh – 57                      Free Agent

Sunil Chettri – 65                 Sporting CP , Reserve Player

Steven Dias – 64                  Free Agent

Sushil Singh – 59                 Free Agent

Now a voting poll is in progress where you can put your vote for inclusion of I-league. For that you need to visit FIFPlay website or this link: – www.fifplay.com/vote/?pollid=21 . Even there is a page in FacebookMission I-League In FIFA 14” which has got over 70 likes. So, it all depends on Indian fans around the globe to decide whether this i-league should be included in the FIFA games or not. Current situation is not rosy for I-league as it was at 2nd positon right now after Chinese league followed by Argentinean league and Hungarian

As on 8th may,2013 at 11:38 am

Voting Polls:-

Which league to be added to FIFA 14?

  • Chinese League (36%)
  • Indian League (31%)
  • Argentinean League (30%)
  • Hungarian League (3%)

Total Votes: 75,759

One thing is sure that the one who gets maximum no. votes might be included in FIFA 14 or might be on later series, but as a loyal passionate gamer we should vote for it. And 2nd position shows that a lot of Indians are still voting. Have you voted yet?

Article written by Guest Author Preetam Anand