After missing out on a host of talented defenders, the Blaugrana are up for a defender, come next summer. While Thiago Silva has been priced away by the nouveau riche PSG and Daniel Agger somehow sticking to Liverpool, reports have it the Hummels, Luiz and Lovren are primary targets. While the media is abuzz with information about the German and the Brazilian, little is known about the young Croatian who plies his trade in Lyon, France.

Yes, you heard (or rather read) it right. Finally FC Barcelona are going to look for some defenders in the upcoming transfer season. To paraphrase the iconic Henry Ford, the administration and fans are willing to have any defender, as long as he plays the Barcelona brand of football. Now, that’s quite something to ask for. Not even all the La Masia starlets excel at it (Bojan, Nolito, et al can bear testimony).

As for reports, they seem to have ‘short-listed’ the elegant Matts Hummels of Dortmund, the maverick David LuizLovren of Chelsea and the young but talented Dejan Lovren of Lyon. Hummels and Luiz are usually common whenever transfer talks come up. However, Lovren, the young Croatian is a new name and fans around the world might be curious to know as to who is being ‘targeted’ by their favourite club. While Wikipedia might give an average reader some idea about the whereabouts of the player, his style will intrigue the serious fans. Lovren, at 23, is certainly one of the brighter kids, plying his trade is Europe. However, he is quite a few shades below, what you call, world-class. At least, as yet! But Barcelona head scout Valentin reportedly has him as his first choice this summer. Never mind that he runs the risk of turning out to be yet another Dmytro Chigrynskiy, albeit not an as expensive one.

At Lyon, Lovren operates as the centre back, but a rather undisciplined one. With 3 red cards, in as many months this season, the Croatian might just add to the list of liabilities at the Camp Nou, instead of being an asset. Having played beside Cris, who left for Galatasaray last summer, Lovren has developed his passing (which usually comes naturally to Brazilian defenders, Cris being one of them), and his Eastern European roots have made him a dominant force in air like they usually do.

The prospect of having Lovren beside Gerard Pique doesn’t quite excite fans worldwide and quite rightly so. With whatever potential he might have, Lovren doesn’t exactly look the Barca type. Although his price might just be low enough to make room for experimentation. However, the situation is such that there is little or no room for that either. To cut a long story short, Lovren apparently doesn’t suit Barcelona, but appears to be the most likely candidate to make it to Camp Nou next season. Dortmund’s high demand to keep hold of Hummels and Luiz’s recklessness at times in addition to his price might just make it a tad tougher for these two to make it the hot-seat of Spanish football.

As per the repartee previously, the fans are (only) willing to have any defender, as long as he plays the Barcelona brand of football, but the same cannot be said about the administration.