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Neymar: Big Controversy over transfer

Neymar’s transfer to Barcelona is set for big controversy. The deal has been a shroud and stiletto affair from the very start, falling under the cover of the confidentiality clause the Culé management signed with the other parties involved.

The Prosecutor’s Office at the Spanish High Court, Barcelona has asked Judge Pablo Ruz to submit the documents regarding Neymar’s contract, so as to help rule on the validity of the misappropriation allegation submitted by Barcelona member Jordi Cases against club president Sandro Rosell.

Rosell has been reported by Barca member Jordi Cases for “inappropriate use” of club funds.

Deals involving South American sides and third-party ownership are always complicated. Barcelona has disclosed that the transfer fee was €57.1 million euros. Of the total deal amount, €17.1 million went to Santos and the other €40 million was paid to Neymar & Neymar’s company, jointly owned by the Brazilian and his father.

However, the real cost of this transfer, including the three Santos starlets who will probably never end up at Barcelona (Victor Andrade, Gabriel Barbosa and Giva), plus the two friendly fixtures, means the total transfer fee alone for the Neymar deal could stand at around €69.5m, not €57m.

Other parties involved in the transfer, namely The Sonda group and Barcelona member, Jordi Casas, are now suing the club over the transfer.

Depending how the judges rule, Barcelona may have to pay €142 million for signing the Brazilian, taking into account the sum it has already paid, the performance-related add-ons and the outcome of the legal action, which would amount to €70 million. There are other payments also linked to the deal. Another €7.9 million goes to Santos for preferential rights on three young up-and-coming players. Plus there is also a friendly match to be played, for which Barcelona would have to pay €4.5 million in compensation in the event they are not able to fulfill the commitment.

On the other hand, supermarket chain DIS – who paid €2.8m for 40 per cent of Neymar’s rights some years ago – want to know what they are owed. According to Santos, the fee was €17.1m (meaning DIS take €6.84m), but Barca’s claim that the deal cost €57m means the supermarket chain would be entitled to €22.8m and even €27.8m: if the three young players and two friendlies included (which is not the case).

To this, everything that the Sonda group – in disagreement over transfer percentages – is demanding, the legal action launched by club member Jordi Casas for misappropriation of funds involving Sandro Rosell, etc must also be added.

Prosecutor José Perals, who is looking after the case; has demanded the release of the Barcelona Board of Directors’ Financial Reports for the years 2011, 2012 and 2013. The documentation in question is considered essential to making a decision as to whether to pursue the issue. “Prior to ruling on whether the accusation can be heard, it is necessary to determine whether the points alleged by the plaintiff are true. This information has not previously been provided by the Barcelona president, neither to the Board of Directors, nor to the club members at the General Assembly, or through any other form of communication”.