Barcelona Foundation have teamed up Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as they aim to change lives across the world.


The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was established back in 1994 and is known as the “largest transparently operated private foundation in the world”. This organisation’s main aim was to eradicate poverty, illness and improve education opportunities.

In their recent effort to reach out to a greater number of people across the globe, they have teamed up with one of the biggest sporting brands in the world – FC Barcelona. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are hoping to utilize Barcelona’s enormous fan base in order to “mobilize” their “support and resource” exponentially.

Recently a video was released by the organisation which featured Bill Gates and Barcelona president Sandro Rossell. The duo talked about the ambition of the organisation and how it aims to change lives across the world.

“We hold a shared belief that our responsibilities as global citizens extend far beyond our borders. In doing so, we can educate others to embrace like values.” said the Barcelona president in the video.

“By combining FC Barcelona’s reach and fans around the world, with the Gates Foundation’s partnerships and global voice, we can mobilize support and resources we never before imagined” – Gates added.

The video was released with a tagline – “More than a goal”. There first objective is to eradicate Polio completely by funding vaccination and educating the small percentage of global population that still remains affected by it. These will be their first goal as they look to enhance healthcare around the world.