Chelsea FC manager Rafa Benitez has revealed his desire to return to Liverpool FC in the future.

Chelsea LiverpoolRafa Benitez has had a hard time at Stamford Bridge ever since he was brought in as the interim manager to replace Roberto di Matteo. His relationship with the Chelsea fans have gone from bad to worse and the Spaniard has already revealed that he is unlikely to extend his stay at the Stamford Bridge beyond this season.

Despite such off the field turmoil, the London clubs still remains in hunt for the FA Cup and Europa league, although their priority remains qualifying for the Champions League next season. It seems unlikely though that he will win over the Chelsea fans even if he manages to win both the competition and helps Chelsea in retaining their top four spot.

However, Rafa Benitez still remains a favorite among most of the Liverpool fans, and now the Spaniard has revealed his desire to return to Anfield in the future.

‘I will return [to Liverpool], almost certainly, What I do not know is when. My daughters and wife still live there.

‘My idea is to train a competitive team. Why not in England? We will have to wait and see. Everything will be worked out.’ – Benitez was quoted in press.

Benitez has often been blamed for the departure of Xabi Alonso and interestingly the 52-year-old has been linked up with the managerial job at Real Madrid, who are likely to lose Jose Mourinho at the end of this season. Benitez said that he and Alonso were not always on the same page but they do respect each other as a professional.

He has also expressed his delight at being linked with Real Madrid and claimed to have a good relation with president Florentino Perez.

‘At Liverpool I had to take some decisions and [Alonso] reacted in his own way. Each person has their own way of behaving. He is a great player, very important for any team. I cannot say we had a good or bad relationship. It was professional.

‘Obviously I know the place [Madrid] very well – I was there from 13 years old as a player and coach. I am a Madrid fan. It is nice to be linked in one manner or another, but that does not make me lose my current concentration on Chelsea. I have a good relationship with [Madrid president] Florentino Perez. Whenever I have talked with him, he has always been polite.’ – The former Liverpool manager added.

Liverpool are currently looking for stability under Brendan Rodgers. The owners and most of the fans are happy about the gradual progress that the club has made under the former Swansea manager. In general consensus Rodgers will require at least one more season to transform Liverpool into title contenders once again. Hence it looks unlikely that Benitez will return to Liverpool any time soon, although stranger things have happened in football.