Chelsea FC manager Jose Mourinho talks to the press ahead of their match against Norwich City at Carrow Road in the Premier League.

Jose Mourinho - Chelsea Manager

Mourinho: Still the Happy One

The Chelsea manager talked about the fixture list, Chelsea’s players and his press conference ahead of the Steaua Bucharest game in which he reportedly walked off, claiming himself to be ‘The Happy One’ once again.

He claims he didn’t “storm out” of the press conference ahead of the Champions League tie against Steaua Bucharest, insisting that he is still ‘the Happy One’:

“I’m enjoying it. What people wrote was not true. I had to go to the training session. The press conference was supposed to be together with Frank Lampard but he was with the medical department,” Mourinho said.

“I had my press conference. I didn’t want to wait for the translation so I stood up and said goodbye. Maybe people took it wrong way because of what I said. It wasn’t what people said. But that’s fine. It sells.”

When asked if Fernando Torres’s red card against Spurs last weekend was unfair, Mourinho blamed Verthongen but said the one game suspension for the Spaniard was “fair”. Asked what he thought of Andre Villas Boas’s comment stating that the decision was a disgrace, Mourinho quipped:

“I have my own opinions and don’t comment on other people. My opinion is simple. English football is English football. The Premier League is the most important championship and loved world-wide. One of the reasons is because people enjoy aggression, emotion, players losing a bit of control,” he said.

“They don’t enjoy simulation. I think the game for Fernando was more than enough because the second yellow card came from simulation. I think the FA defended the principles and values of English football.”

When asked about Chelsea’s shortage in strikers especially after Torres’s ban, and if Romelu Lukaku, who has impressed at Everton so far, will be recalled from loan, Mourinho said:

“No. One thing to play for Everton, another for Chelsea. It’s a pity for [Torres] and a pity for us. We have two strikers left, one to play, one on the bench. We have to play.”

Mourinho defended Samuel Eto’o when it was suggested that he wasn’t the same player of old:

“Normally when a top player going to Anzhi the pressure goes down, the motivation goes down, and physical condition and sharpness goes down. Now he’s back in top European football and needs a bit of time to find that sharpness,” he said.

“He’s playing a lot. So give him a little bit of time. Players transform themselves with the years. They become stronger in some aspects, lose some qualities in others. For example, with me in Inter [Milan] he was playing wide and came inside very fast. I don’t think can play the same way.”

When asked about the Premier League title race for the season, Mourinho said:

“I think the league will be open until the end,” Mourinho said in a press conference. “At this moment some teams are being helped by the fixtures, some are more difficult than others. Manchester United have the most difficult one, immediately followed by us.

“I think by the end of November, that is the moment we will find out somebody is in a little bit better situation than others. I think this season can go all the way, and I think that is good.”