Leave Chelsea did Mourinho after 3 seasons in charge,
An unparalleled success in all respects by and large,
Stamford Bridge where he once shocked and awed,
A place where they answered only to a Cockney God.

Chelsea - Jose Mourinho's return to Stamford Bridge

Left all in ruins, a once sky-high morale running low,
Thanks to, between Jose and Roman, a blazing row.
A forlorn Chelsea FC were never the same club again,
Successive managers proving to be mere mortal men.

Avram Grant, first in line, would have pulled off a coup,
Had John Terry seen that fateful penalty shot through.
A genial Brazilian and World Cup winner followed next,
But the intense demands of training left Scolari vexed.

His short-lived regime riddled with many a discrepancy,
The bombarding fullbacks remain Scolari’s only legacy.
That imperious league home form disposed of soon,
Defeats at the Bridge, no longer once in a blue moon.

Ray Wilkins stepped in to take over for just one game,
Sitting beside a Dutch tactician of much more fame.
It was left to Guus Hiddink to restore some Blue pride,
But he didn’t stay on to lead his FA Cup winning side.

Chelsea’s next boss walked in with a raised eyebrow,
With a bold new game plan more broad than narrow.
Boring, boring Chelsea now to entertain all would try,
Winning the double, with Man United falling just shy.

Next season, Ancelotti failed his success to replicate,
And in Chelsea, that meant his seat he had to vacate.
‘Twas the young AVB who dared take on the old guard,
But he nev’r stood a chance squaring off with Lampard.

And thus ended the sorry tale of his Barca-like project,
As Roman made poor AVB his latest managerial reject.
Bridge favorite Di Matteo effected quite the turnaround,
Even if many feared he’d run it further into the ground.

The FA Cup and a Champions League victory unfold,
But his future with the club for a while stays on hold.
With Pep Guardiola intent on giving the Bridge a miss,
Di Matteo looked all set to extend his moment of bliss.

Until befell Chelsea a spate of injuries and poor luck,
And ol’ Robbie became a scapegoat and sitting duck.
But as Stamford Bridge reeled, more was yet to come,
As Benitez strode in and crowds refused to stay mum.

Chelsea FC - Rafa Benitez Should Win The FA Cup

Despite the boos, rebellion, despair and self-doubt
Chelsea FC grew in strength, as did Rafa’s own clout.
Come season-end, it was mission accomplished indeed,
As Benitez proved a team to the Europa he could lead.

And with only the one manager’s name left to call upon,
The promise of a return to glory and rise of a new dawn.
With the silk and finesse of new, and strength of yore,
Chelsea seek to win the next League and maybe more.

Tasked with rebuilding a Blue empire like that of Rome,
Chelsea’s Jose Mourinho has finally come back home.