Champions League - Heineken, Road to the FinalHow far can you go to make it to the Champions League final? Are you willing to cross the extremities in order to experience the once in a life time opportunity of watching the biggest of footballing superstars fight it out for one of the most prestigious trophies in sports? If your answer is yes, then Heineken is celebrating fans like you in their recently launched campaign – Road to The Final’.

In their recently launched ad, Heineken depicts how, with imagination and resourcefulness, one man is able to witness club football’s most prestigious event – the Final itself. In ‘The Final’ a huge football fan is presented with the opportunity of a lifetime –he receives a ticket to the UEFA Champions League Final in Wembley. But the man faces a race against time to reach England for this event from the other side of the world. He has only 48 hours to travel from depths of the Amazon to the Final in London. Along the journey, he uses a combination of resourcefulness, imagination and inventiveness to charm his way into the good graces of a variety of eccentric characters.

The man, who is a drummer, dives into the river, takes a short cut through a waterfall, skips past custom officers, takes a lift in a car and meets a crazy billionaire on the flight to London from Rio, who also gives him a lift on his helicopter to the stadium. Finally, He makes it to his seat in the stadium just in time for the game.

You can go to Heineken’s Facebook page and play an exciting pinball game which features elements of the commercial mentioned above. Fans can compete against each other and challenge their friends – and Heineken ambassador Clarence Seedorf – to earn bragging rights and UEFA Champions League prizes. For the Semi-Finals, you will have the opportunity to engage with Clarence Seedorf through Twitter – with the most resourceful receiving prizes for their imaginative responses to Heineken’s task.

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