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Kuwait SC

Yuva Bharati Krirangan, Kolkata
22nd October  2013


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Full Time : East Bengal  0 (2) –  3 (4)  Kuwait SC

90′ + 3 ‘ : So its all over here. A historic game for East Bengal . Unknown territory this. Hope the experience of the AFC cup semis will help KEB in the future.

89′ : 3 minutes of added time. The game is going at a snails pace now.

East Bengal  0  –  3 Kuwait SC

87′ : GOOAL. Kuwaiti defender Shaheen scores the third goal. Nice goal . Nice first touch . Twisted and foxed Abhijit Mondal .Abhishek nearly saved it on the line

80′ : Substitution for KEB . Mama comes in for Cavin Lobo.

77′ : Coutinho with yet another fantastic solo run gets pass Uga Opkara and curls the ball past Abhijit Mondal but the ball hits the post. This brazilian is a cut above the rest here.

73′ : Lalrindika takes a free kick from outside the box and hits the post ! Thats the closest KEB have gone.

71′ : Substitution for KEB . Jaquim is being replaced by Robert

69′ : Good effort by Lalrindika from some 30 yards forces the keeper to push the ball to safety. 

67′ : Arnab Mondal gets a red card ! Completely out foxed by Coutinho as he was the Brazilian was on his way towards the goal was held by Arnab .

64′ : Jaquim from the right wing for Baljit Sahini who heads it on target but is tipped off by the keeper.

62′ : Mehtab Hossain from a corner , beautifully taken one , ball is nicely setup for Lalrindika who shoots a powerful right footer but its wide

59′ : Long range decent strike from Cavin Lobo , pushed and blocked away to safety by the keeper.

57′ : Cross cum a goal bound shot from the left and the Kuwaiti keeper fails to collect it and ball falls at the feet of Baljit Sahini who fails to control it too !

55′ : Coutinho on a solo run blocked well by Uga Opkara.  Ball out for a corner.

53′ : Substitution for East Bengal . Balijt Saini comes on for guess who , James Moga ! 

51′ : Cavin to Uga now Lalrindika gives to Moga now Saumik on the wings , this is good play by East Bengal.

47′ : East Bengal need to get the ball close to the Kuwaiti box as much they can. Cavin , Mehtab and Chidi need to push up.

45′ : Second half begins and Kuwait SC half parked the bus. East Bengal needs to get 4 goals past a 10 men side. Simple equation!

Half Time  :  East Bengal  0 (2) –  2 (4)  Kuwait SC

45′ + 2′ : Red card to Hamid Khamiz for kicking cum lifting his leg against Uga Opkara

East Bengal  0  –  2  Kuwait SC

43′ : Another GOOAAL. Khamiz with a solo run and Abhijit Mondal comes out again and is beaten this time and its an open net to score. Ridiculous goal keeping that !

East Bengal  0  –  1  Kuwait SC

41′ : GOOAAL for Kuwait SC. What a run from Coutinho from half line straight into the box.

38′ : Soumik moves from left to the right wing. The game has had a fast pace to it. Already some Kuwaiti players looks tired. Will the conditions be favourable for KEB in the second half ?

35′ : Arnab losses the ball in the midfield and a fantastic cross from Coutinho but no one up front for Kuwait 

32′ : Cavin Lobo to James Moga now to Chidi Edeh who shoots from 30 yards but is off target

29′ : Wahid Jumah struggling to take a corner as the ball is rolling away from the pitch ! Thats weird.

27′ : Jaoquim Abranches losses the ball in the midfield and Kuwait SC on the move earn a free kick just outside the box.

25′ : Thats better from East Bengal . Some 10-12 short passes put together.

23′ : Moga is through , Moga with a chance to score , the keeper just puts his hands up and its saved. Oh that was close really really close.

20′ : Corner for East Bengal and that was close near goal line clearance and now Kuwait SC is on a counter attack and yet again Abhijit Modal comes out of his den to clear the ball.

18′ : Mehtab stealing the ball away from the Kuwaiti midfield. Now KEB need to keep possession . Lalrandika with long ball free kick which was pretty deep but has been cut back by Soumik Dey but cleared by the Kuwaiti defense.

15′ : East Bengal midfield need to work a little bit harder to fill up the gaps in the middle. Also the build up play is turning into long balls too soon .

13′ :  Run from deep by Saumik who crosses one in for James Moga who hits it wide. At the other end Uga Opkara with a strong challenge . Corner for Kuwait

10′ : Great movement from Kheder and a goal scoring opportunity for Kuwait but Mondal comes out , Oh what a mistake by Abhijit Mondal as he tries to stop the ball by his hand outside the box. Ref issues a yellow card only !

7′ : James Moga now on a run from a long ball. Not enough support for Mehtab Hussain. AL Kuwait now taking the sting out of the game, slowly.

5′ : Fantastic atmosphere this in the stadium as the Kuwaiti players slow down the game now

3′ : Chidi Edeh making that run into the hole as the Al Kuwait keeper comes up to collect. Great start for East Bengal.

0′ : Kuwait with the kick off and straight away its been given away. What a dream start that could have been for East Bengal. Jaquim it was , really should have hit the target.