AC Milan legend Gennaro Gattuso has been appointed as the new manager of the Swiss side FC Sion.

Former AC Milan Midfielder Gennaro Gattuso Appointed as Player Manager at SC Scion

Gattuso replaces Victor Munoz, who was sacked after two months in charge. In fact this is the seventh managerial change at FC Sion in the last ten months. Surely, something isn’t right. Currently lying fourth on the league table, they still stand a chance to make it to the third qualifying round for the Champions League next season but the instability at the managerial level might just prove to be a deterrent to their dreams.

Earlier last summer, they had signed former Milan legend Gennaro Gattuso with a clear intention of adding invaluable experience to their roster. While Gattuso can offer little as a player at this stage in his career, his footballing acumen and work ethic is definitely something that might get the best out of this crop of players.

Gattuso has been known for his passion for football and with his demeanour, he can uplift the morale of an entire dressing room. He is truly an inspiration to the younger generation of players and this decision to hand over the charge of the team to him might bear some sweet fruits for FC Sion. And if the decision backfires, they aren’t unfamiliar to managerial changes anyway; certainly a risk worth taking.

The club issued an official statement on the removal of Munoz from his role of a manager and entrusting Gattuso with the responsibility.

“Until further notice, the players will manage their activities themselves. The management entrusts responsibility for the group to its captain, Gattuso.” – Read a statement from FC Sion.

For Gattuso, this will be his first move into a managerial role and might signal a new beginning for the feisty midfielder.