As per latest reports emerging from Brazil as well as Italy, Alexandre Pato is on his way out of Milan once the January transfer window opens. The oft-injured striker has been on the sidelines for quite some time now and to make matters worse, he decided to put in a transfer request, thereby going behind Milan’s back.

True, he has found very little time to play this season, but that has got more to do with him being


Pato has been injured on too many occasions

injured almost every alternate week rather than Allegri. Allegri can only field fit players and not players who get re-injured within 10 minutes into a match. Given the current circumstances, it is only logical for Pato to break Milan’s trust and move back to his native place.

While the emotional part attached to a player has been ripped to shreds, Milan can now look to sell him off to the highest bidder with Corinthians apparently interested with a €15m bid. Corinthians plans to unveil him as a new year’s gift to the supporters of the club. Galliani has flown to Brazil to hear about the offers and as per latest reports, nothing has been finalized; although it looks like a matter of few days now.

This move will help both parties as Milan can finally get him off their pay cheque and Pato can be happy with a return to his native place. Together with the sale of Robinho, Milan finally will have some cash in their hands to either save or splurge, although the earlier option is the most likely one given the names which have been associated with the club recently – Pastore, Balotelli et al. Galliani is known to make shrewd business deals and it has been a long time Milan has seen some magic from Uncle Fester. Remember ‘Mr X’?