Ahead of the big clash between Chelsea and Manchester United at Stamford Bridge, Sir Alex has taunted Chelsea saying Mourinho’s team was more ruthless that the present squad, while Roberto Di Matteo has expressed his concern regarding the future of Ashley Cole.

Manchester United

Chelsea have dropped just two points in the league so far; a 0-0 draw with QPR. After a host of new summer arrivals, the Blues are increasingly looking like title favorites every passing week. But Sir Alex has taunted his opponent ahead of their fixture saying this isn’t the strongest Chelsea side as he rates Mourinho’s Chelsea higher.

‘I wouldn’t say this is the strongest Chelsea team. If you go back a few years to that period of [Didier] Drogba they were really formidable, difficult to play against.

‘[John] Terry was younger, [Frank] Lampard got 30 goals from midfield one year, we’ll never see that again. They were a really powerful team and hard to beat and ruthless.’ – Sir Alex was quoted in Dailymail.

But the United manager also spoke highly of the attacking talents that this Chelsea team possesses and how Roberto Di Matteo have been positive in his approach.

 ‘When I first saw them playing Oscar, Mata and Hazard in the same team I thought that was a risk,’ said the Scot of Di Matteo’s side. ‘If you can contain the three in the middle of the park then you’ve got a chance.

‘But, attacking-wise, he’s got great alternatives of playing and they give real problems for defenders, because they’re all flexible players.

‘So far their record is unblemished in the league and you have to give credit for that. Roberto Di Matteo has been bold enough to do it. It’s very positive.’ – Sir Alex added.

In another interview Sir Alex has said that Chelsea have lost an alternative route of attack since the departure of Didier Drogba, but he emphasized that the present Chelsea system is not easy to deal with.

“Chelsea always had that alternative route of playing with Drogba up front,” said Ferguson. “They could play it long or they could play it through midfield. Now it’s straightforward. It’s through midfield all the time.

“But it’s not an easy system to deal with. Oscar and Hazard are similar type players. And with Mata as well they all play in behind the main striker. We just have to find a way of dealing with it.” – Sir Alex was quoted in the Guardian.

Meanwhile, Chelsea manager Roberto Di Matteo is hopeful that Ashley Cole will stay at the club as contract negotiations are still underway and if Cole doesn’t sign a contract by January, he will be free to negotiate contracts with other clubs and leave for free at the end of the season.

“Ashley is one of the best left-backs in the world, if not the best.

“Which begs the ­question why is there doubt over his contract? Negotiations are ongoing but it is something he ­discusses with the club.

“I would like him to stay here. It is something that needs to be sorted out between the two parties. But my recommendation, my wish, is he stays here.

 “To me, he is one of the best left-backs in the world. He is ­tactically superb both defensively and offensively. He brings us a lot of attacking options. He is experienced, has stamina, has ­everything.” – Di Matteo was quoted in Dailystar.

Roberto Di Matteo however stated that he would like the club to change its policy of handing over just an one year contract to players above 30. The Chelsea manager insists that each player should treated separately.

“I think every case is ­different. You have to look at every player ­differently, like their history, condition.

“Chelsea have also sold players around the thirty mark as well, so it all depends on the board.”

 “That is the world of football, that is how you live in this industry.” – Di Matteo added.