August 28, 2012; Kick-Off- 7PM IST

Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi


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India  : Subrata Paul , Raju Gaekwad  , Gouramangi Singh , Denzil Franco , Syed Rahim Nabi , Lenny Rodrigues , Mehtab Hossain , Clifford Miranda , Anthony Pereira , Francis Fernandes , Sunil Chhetri

Nepal : K Chemjong , R Chand , S Thapa , S Rai , B Mahajan , B Chhetri , T Tamang , B Sirwal , J Shreshta , B Khawas , J Rai

0′ : So India in their light red jerseys and saffron shorts begin from right to left whereas their neighbours Nepal are in an all blue outfit.

2′ : The pitch is heavily watered cause of incessant rains. Difficult to play passing football as the ball is stopping in patches. 

4′ : Scrappy play from both sets of players. Rohit Chand and Syed Rahim Nabi both on the ground tackling hard in muddy conditions here. Its going to be tough. No injuries please. Fingers crossed.

6′ : Heavy rains continue now and conditions are going to get tougher as Bharat Khawas for Nepal gets onto a long ball from his defense. Nepal have had better possession and game control here. For the time being though. India should slow down the game.

8′ : An attempt on goal by Silwal. Weak shot though. Collected by Subrata.

10′ : India 0 – 0 Nepal

12′ : Anthony Periera and Denzil Franco who have got starts today are very active. Meanwhile Lenny , Mehtabh and  Gouramangi get on with some passing football.

14′ : Back to back 4 corners for Nepal. That’s some pressure ! India now on a counter attack with Lenny Rodrigues who runs across the pitch and hastily attempts a shot on goal.

16′ : Its been Nepal all the way . India yet to settle down. The pitch conditions arent ideal for Indian Football. yet another corner for Nepal. Can they strike ?

18′ : India are playing a 4-1-4-1 formation game and somewhat conserving energy too! Lovely 180 degree turn by Mehtab there to ridicule the Nepalese midfielder.

20′ : India  0  –  0  Nepal

22′ : Sagar Thapa having a good game for Nepal as India are not attacking enough. At the other end Nepal surge ahead with Rai and Khawas. Mehtabh Hossain with a full body charge on Tamang. Its getting a bit edgy for India. 

24′ : A spirited performance by Nepal, must say. Rohit Chand is having an outstanding game for the mountain Nation. Change in tactics for India ? maybe.

26′ : Raju Gaekwad is way out of his place now to shield Khawas. Bailed out by Clifford there. Btw its still raining here in Delhi.

28′ : Wow and a good low powerful free kick by Sandeep Rai. It was goal bound. Subrata had to dive and stop that. Nepal must have surprised many here with their dedicated play.

30′ : India  0  –  0  Nepal

32′ : Rohit Chand with an assist for an unmarked Raju Tamang who makes an attempt on goal . Sloppy marking by Indian defense there, could have been dangerous.

34′ : First real build up play by India. Lenny and Francis combine as India get a corner. First of the match !

36′ : Denzil Franco and J Shreshta collide in a full sliding tackle. Bit unnecessary.   

38′ : Nepal on the offensive once again from the left wing. Guarded well by Denzil and Gouramangi for India as Anthony Periera falls back to add to the numbers in defense.

40′ :  India  0  –  0  Nepal

42′ : Sunil Chhetri is the only Indian in Nepal’s half. Just tells you the story so far. First attempt on goal by India as Sunil Chhetri heads a Anthony Periera cross. 

44′ : Free kick for India form quite a distance. Anthony and Clifford lining up. Hit with no power by Anthony. Did not have an ideal footing there. 

45′ : India  0  –  0  Nepal


45′ :  Substitution for India Robin Singh comes in for Clifford Miranda 

46′ : And Robin Singh straight away get his first touch. Now Nepal again on the offensive earn a corner.

48′ : That was nearly a goal for Nepal. Lovely play by Rai and co. as a near mad scramble in the D there as Indian defense finds it difficult to clear the ball

50′ : India  0  –  0  Nepal

52′ : Good move by Chettri cuts in and feeds for Anthony Periera right in front of the box as the Goan lashes on to it with a beautiful shot well saved by keeper Chemjong. 

54′ : Indian playing better in the second half . But with a ranking above India in the FIFA charts , this scoreline for Nepal must not be s surprise for the neutrals. Any thoughts of Nepal slowing down in the second half can be put down to rest as a fighting and committed Nepalese midfield continue their hard work.

56′ : Mehtab Hossain switches play for Syed Rahim Nabi who takes a distant shot. Now at the other end Syed Nabi chases down the Neplai forward and commits a foul near India’s corner  post. 

58′ : Nepal are closing down with great commitment as India begin playing with a few passes around and with signs of build up play as Robin Singh latches on to a lose ball , shoots , but is way off target

60′ : India  0  –  0  Nepal

62′ : Sunil Chhetri twsting and turning. Nabi with a goddd cross to Robin. Francis Fernandes earning a corner for India. Playing better here, India .

64′ : Nepalese midfield looks a bit tired now. Chance for India to launch ?

66′ : Midway through the second half and its the critical period now. Meanwhile Rai and Nabi having a mini battle on the left wing. Nabi has won that outright.

68′ : Francis to Densil , now back to Francis now to Lenny who catches Denzils overlapping run. Beautiful play this.

70′ : India  0  –  0  Nepal

72′ : Rai , with a sudden burst into he box now as Gouramangi accelerates to clear the ball out for a corner.

74′ : Nabi to Robin SIngh with a first touch to Anthony Pereira. Good movement this. Corner for India. Wasted. Nepal on the counter. Interesting stuff this.

76′ : Sub for India. IN – Jewel Raja , OUT – Lenny  

78′ : Denzil to Francesco on the right flank now. Perfect cross by Francisco as he curled that one past the keeper but Robin SIngh was not in a position to take advantage of that.

80′ : India  0  –  0  Nepal

82′ : Jewel Raja Shiekh got the better of Rohit Chand and now another Nepalese defender enters the D and can he score from here ? No he cant . That went agonizingly wide of the post. Had beaten the keeper though.

84′ : Meanwhile good shot by Robin Singh on the rebound but saved by the keeper again.

86′ : Jewel Raja surges ahead with an accurate pass to Sunil Chhetri who attempts a shot but straight into the save hands of Chemjong. Inspired substitution this by the coach. Jewel Raja has been the live wire in the last few minutes.

88′ : Sub for Nepal IN – Santosh Sahukhala , OUT – Jumanu Rai

90′ : RED CARD for Bikas Chhetri for arguing with the Ref. Things getting controversial here as India get a free kick just outside the box. Sunil Chhetri with the shot hits the netting.

92′ : Sub for Nepal IN – Guring , OUT – Silwal

94′ : India on the attack with Robin Singh who puts a hopeful ball for Sunil but the keeper comes out. Nepal on the counter now. But thats it. The Ref blows the finals whistle. 

India  0  –  0  Nepal


  • surendra

    aaja nepali le kamal delhochha yar sathi ho dont wory…..


    nepal ko aaj ko jit pakka chha………….ke

  • Sharad shah

    Nepal’s presentation was far better than of india……..

  • Sharad shah

    Nepal’s presentation was far better than of india in the match……..though both 0 – 0

  • Praveen

    It is not football field but waterpolo pool.why aiff not shifted the nehrucup in kolkata or pune stadium after consistant rains in delhi? I donot blame indian team for draw they play well but nepal adjust the situation better.

  • Rahul Bhutani

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