September 2, 2012; Kick-Off- 7PM IST

Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi


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A very good evening to everyone tuned in. It’s an overcast sky here in Delhi and we are barely half an hour away from the kick-off.

India’s starting line-up is out- Koevermans has gone in with the same line up that he fielded in the first group match against Syria.

INDIA: Subrata Pal (GK); Nirmal Chhetri, Gouramangi Singh, Raju Gaikwad, Syed Rahim Nabi; Sanju Pradhan, Mehtab Hossain, Lenny Rodrigues, Clifford Miranda; Francis Fernandes; Sunil Chhetri (C).

CAMEROON: Lawrence Ngoe (GK); Bebey Kingue; Stephane Meyoupo; Abouna Patrick; Ashu Tambe; Gustave Djengue; Kingue Mpondo; Joseph Momaso; Thierry Makon; Ebanga Bertin ; Kologny Merime.

Both the teams have made their way onto the pitch and the the national anthems are being played in the stadium.

Host India are in their traditional all blue jersey playing from right to left.

1′: Kick off. Cameroon starts the proceedings in the final.

2′: A long throw in by Cameroon but the ball lands safely into the gloves of Pal.

3′: Nabi with a cross but it is too long for the Indian skipper.

4′: Nabi this time with an important interception.

4′: A brilliant cross from the left flank by Cameroon but the header goes over the crossbar.

5′: Cameroon again attacks from the left hand side and earns a corner. The corner is taken and tentatively cleared by the Indian defense as Indian keeper had to come off his line to make the clearance.

6′: Camroon has enjoyed the lion’s share of possession so far.

7′: Mehtab Hossian picks up a foul as India concede a free kick.

8′: And this time Gouramangi gives away a free kick near the half line, but the danger is averted by Indian back line.

10′: Lenny steals the ball for India in Cameroon’s half but Indian fails to maintain the possession.

11′: And Chhetri with a long ranger out of the blue! The goal keeper stumbles with the ball but in the end manages to hold on to it.

13′: India enjoying some good possession. Sanju Pradhan provides a brilliant cross from the right flank but skipper Chhetri heads it wide. The home crowd is finally getting involved in the match.

15′: Chhetri sets up Clifford but his shot from distance sails over the crossbar.

17′: Cameroon snatches the ball from Lenny Rodrigues. He takes the shot from 30 yards but his shot is off target.

18′: There has a small stoppage in the match as Chhetri was involved in a clash with Djengue.

19′: GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! India 1-0 Cameroon. India scores from a set piece via Gouramangi 

19′: One needs to catch a breath as a lot has happened in the space of a minute.  As captain Chhetri was getting treated for an injured elbow, Clifford Miranda took the free kick, Gouramangi Singh made a timely jump and foxed Cameroon’s keeper Ngoe as his header landed into the back of the net sending the entire stadium into delirium.

23′: The game has been held up after the opening goal as Cameroon’s keeper Ngoe has taken a blow.

25′: First substitution of the match as Cameroon’s keeper Ngoe makes way for Hosea.

28′: India has had five shots at goal to Cameroon’s one.

29′: GOALL!!!!!! Cameroon equalize through Makon

30′: India 1-1 Cameroon

31′: The cross came in from the right flank which was headed by Raju but his clearance fell right in front of Cameroon’s leading scorer Makon whose bullet shot went past a diving Subrata Pal. Parity is restored at half an hour.

33′: Makon now stumbles down inside India’s box but the referee rightly points for a goal kick.

35′: Bulk of the possession is back with Cameroon. The African team is making most of their physical advantage over a young Indian side.

37′: Momaso lets its fly, but his shot although powerful is off target.

38′:India’s right back Nirmal Chettri has been really good for India tonight as he silences yet another attack of Cameroon.

40′: Free kick to India. Clifford Miranda to take it; good god that would have landed into the top tier of the stand behind Cameron’s keeper.

42′: Chhetri with a brilliant run, he cuts the ball back to Mehtab but his first touch lets him down as India waste a very good chance.

44′: Nirmal Chhetri gets booked as his tackle tripped Momaso. First booking of the match.

44′: And another booking this time for Cameroon’s Bebey, for a handball.

45′: Five extra minutes are signaled, primarily due to the injury picked up by Cameroon’s keeper Ngoe.

45+3′: Abouna lets it fly, literally. It will be a tough task for the ball boys to fetch that ball .

45+5′: We are into the last minute of first half.

45+5′: Chhetri traps a long cross but referee blow his whistle as the Indian skipper had handled the ball.

HT: And it’s half time India 1-1 Cameroon. India has displayed a lot of character in the first half of this final against the much higher ranked counterparts. Stay tuned as we will be back soon to bring you the second half of the final. 

46′: Second half begins.

46′: Good interception by Chhetri as he wins the ball for India.

47′: Raju Gaikwad with a hard tackle as he picks up a foul.

48′: Lenny Rodrigues again gives away the ball. The Churchill Brothers midfielder has been found wanting on quite a few occasions tonight.

49′: India with a counter attack, but Chhetri is held back easily by Meyoupo.

52′: India almost score their second. Gouramangi this time was not given a free header as he got sandwiched between two defenders.

54′: Mpondo scores!!!! Cameroon take the lead nine minutes into the second half.

54′: India 1-2 Cameroon

55′: Horrible defending by India as Mpondo got a free header inside India’s box. India scored their first goal form a free kick Cameroon took the lead through a corner.

57′: Oh dear lord, Merimee misses a sitter in front of the Indian goal. That would have been curtains for the men in blue. India must thank their stars, the hosts are still in it.

60′: Sub Cameroon-  Charles Eloundou comes in for Kologny Merime.

61′: India has too put more men in front now.

62′: India were three on two but Sanju Pradhan was over powered by Cameroon’s defender as Chhetri’s move gets cancelled out.

63′: Sub India-: Robin on for Sanju.

64′: Raju Gaikwad with a brilliantly timed tackle on Makon as the ball goes out for a corner. Raju has injured himself in the process but it was a very important tackle as Makon only had Pal left to beat if he were to get past Raju.

67′: Robin’s arrival has added a certain spark but he has only 25 minutes to make an impact.

68′: Mehtab Hossain with a shot that he would love to forget. India has failed to penetrate the mid field and defense of the Africans which has led them to try to score from a distance.

70′: Nirmal Chhetri with a cross which was headed down by Robin inside the box but Sunil could not slot it past Cameroon’s keeper as he was off his line in a flash.

71′: Chhetri has fallen awkwardly on his shoulder. I would like to remind you that he had received some treatment for this shoulder in the 20th minute. The Indian skipper is up and he will continue. Good news for India.

73′: Momaso fails to latch onto the cross inside’s India’s box. India has allowed Cameroon to pass freely in their  half. Not good signs fir India.

75′: Clifford earns a corner for India but Mehtab makes a mess of it.

76′: Robin with a clever through ball for Chhetri but Djengue shields the ball exceptionally as it rolls out for a goal kick.

78′: Penalty for India as Chhetri is brought down inside the box by keeper Hosea.

78′: Chhetri steps up to take the spot kick and he SCORES!!!! India 2-2 Cameroon.

79′:  Sub Cameroon Ousmila Baba comes on for Ebanga Bertin.

80′: Cameroon with a quick counter attack as the Africans earn a corner which is saved by Subrata Pal.

83′: Sunil Chhetri heads the ball down for Fernandes who provides a wonderful cross in side the box for Chhetri who heads it over the cross bar. India were extremely close to take back the lead.

85′: Robin Singh this time with the cross, as Hosea had to come off his line to prevent Fernandes from scoring. Robin Singh has been exceptional ever since he has come on for Sanju.

88′: Thierry Makon shoots for the moon. Both the teams have had some wayward shots.

89′: Robin Singh earns a yellow and he deserved it after he pushed  Hosea once he had collected the ball safely.

90′: Raju Gaikwad is back with tacking his long throw-ins but the danger is cleared by Cameroon.

90′: The fourth referee signals that there will be four added minutes.

90+1′: None of the teams can let their guard down now.

90+2′: Nirmal Chhetri is limping off, He is being treated on the side line but he doctor is signaling the bench for a change.

90+4′: Sub India-: An injured Nirmal Chhetri is replaced by Denzil Franco. Chhetri was seen holding onto his hamstring as he was limping off. 

90+4′: The Referee blows the whistle. It is still India 2-2 Cameroon. The match will move into extra time.  

I would like to remind you all that final of the 2009 edition of Nehru Cup was decided on penalties after after both India and Syria remained deadlocked on 1-1 at the end of 120 minutes of play.

91′: First half of extra time begins. India playing from left to right.

92′: Clifford Miranda gives away an early free kick to Cameroon. The free kick is taken but the ball goes out of play as no player is able to touch the ball.

93′: Clifford Miranda this time takes a free kick for India but his long delivery is cleared out for corner by Cameroon.

94′: India take a clever corner kick but the ball goes over the line.

95′: Cameroon with a quick counter as Baba crosses the ball past India’s goal but no Cameroon player is present to tap the ball in.

96′: Nabi and Fernandes try to play a cheeky One to One by Nabi is flagged offside with his second touch.

98′: Cameroon wins a corner as Pal comes off his line to clear it but makes a mess of it. Thankfully for the Indian keeper his defenders are there to make a timely clearance.

100′: Another corner for Cameroon, but the header by defender Djengue is way of the mark.

101′: Raju Gaikwad’s interception of Baba’s shot in front of India’s goal saves the day for the blue tigers.

102′: Match is predominantly being played in India’s half as Cameroon have stepped up the tempo of their game in the extra time.

104′: Makon went very close  with his shot but the ball goes over the crossbar. Indian defense was in shambles.

105′: Robin Singh misses a sitter. This chance could come back to haunt the Indians . He was barely 6 yards away from goal as he headed it over the crossbar. First half of extra time comes to an end.

106′: Cameroon straight away goes to the offensive.

106′: Momaso dribbles past Franco but his bullet shot hits the side netting.

110′: The play gets stopped as the referee is not happy with the net in the Indian half. The net gets fixed and play resumes.

112′: Denzil with a good tackle on Eloundou. It is still India 2-2 Cameroon.

113′: Most of Indian players look tired. At the moment they are primarily dependent on counter attacks.

114′: Denzil Franco to the rescue again as he clears the ball in a dangerous position as Eloundou is prevented from taking a shot from inside India’s box.

117′: Mehtab fouls just outside the box. free kick to Cameroon but Indian defense stands strong but they give away a corner- which is cleared without any fuss by India.

118′: Lenny is brought down in the center of the pitch. Free kick to India but it is wasted by India.

119′: Cameroon gets a free kick just outside the box. What a dangerous place to give a free kick when just one minute is left on the clock.

120′: The shot hits the wall and is cleared awkwardly by India.

120′: The fourth referee signals one minute of injury time.

120+1′: Referee blows the final whistle and the fate of Nehru Cup will once again be decided on the penalties. India 2-2 Cameroon.

The blue tigers are seen in a group huddle along with their support staff.

Who will be the hero will it be Subrata Pal again for India or his younger counterpart Hosea?

Toss has taken place. India will take the first shot.

India-: Robin Singh steps up and he scores!!!! India 1 Cameroon 0

Cameroon -: Scores!! India 1 Cameroon 1. Pal guessed it right but the shot was too good.

India-: Chhetri takes the shot and the skipper scores!!! India 2 Cameroon 1

Cameroon -: Baba sends Pal the other way as he scores!! India 2 Cameroon 2

India -: Denzil Franco steps up and scoress!!! India 3 Cameroon 2

Cameroon-: Skipper steps up for Africans and scores!! India 3 Cameroon 3

India-: Mehtabbbb scores!!!! India scores India 4 Cameroon 3

Cameroon-: Mpondo  scores for Cameroon. India 4 Cameroon 4

India -: Miranda Scores. 5 in 5 for India.

Cameroon-: Pressure on Cameroon. Makon steps up and the ball hits the post!!

INDIA WINS!!  What a win for India. Yet again Nehru Cup is decided on penalties!!! India completing a hat trick of Nehru Cup.

As I write here, the Indian team is taking the victory lap soaking in the atmosphere. More than five hundred fans have surrounded the players on the pitch. Absolute crazy scenes here at the JLN stadium in New Delhi. Congratulations India but a spare of thought for the Cameroon side who gave it their all. 

FT: India 2 (5)-(4) 2 Cameroon. 

India have lifted the Nehru Cup for a third time running. Wim Koevermans becomes the first international coach to win his debut tournament for India.

Good Night to everyone from TheHardTackle team. Thanks for tuning in.


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