Met Police To Investigate Complaints Lodged By Chelsea ; Blues Launch Enquiry About Steward’s Injury

Metropolitan police has been called upon to investigate the complaints lodged by Chelsea against match official Mark Clattenburg. Meanwhile the police has already launched their formal inquiry into the incident that led to a Steward being injured during the match against Manchester United.

Metropolitan Police Will Investigate The Allegations Brought Against Mark Clattenburg By Chelsea

Chelsea released an official statement, after the controversial match against Manchester United last Sunday, confirming that they have lodged an official complaint against Mark Clattenburg for using ‘inappropriate language’ against two of their players (in two separate incidents). Although the players’ identities were not revealed, it is believed that John Obi Mikel and Juan Mata were at the receiving end of (allegedly) racist remarks from the referee.

PGMO (Professional Game Match Officials ) also released a statement soon after this and confirmed that they have received official complaints from Chelsea and assured that they will look into this matter seriously. Mart Clattenburg has already stood down from his assigned matches next weekend in order to co-operate with the investigations.

Meanwhile the Society of Black Lawyers has demanded a separate Police investigation into this issue. The organization’s Chairman Peter Herbert released a statement (in a letter) saying –

“The Society of Black Lawyers wishes to record the incident that took place at Chelsea FC.

“Our information is that racist remarks were directed at John Mikel Obi and at Juan Mata. If so, that is wholly unacceptable in any circumstances.

“Although this matter may be investigated by the FA, it is appropriate that the MPS independently see if a racially-aggravated offence has occurred.”

The Metropolitan Police has later confirmed that they have received complaints regarding the issue and said that they will look into these allegations with the help of both the parties involved and the football governing body in England.

Police Launches A Formal Inquiry Into The Incident Which Injured A Steward

ChelseaThe Metropolitan police, meanwhile, has launched a formal inquiry into the incident that caused severe injury to a steward during the match against Manchester United. The Steward received treatment on the field and was later admitted in a hospital and it has now been confirmed that he has injured his knee.

The exact the reason behind this injury is yet to be known but it is believed that the incident took place when Chelsea fans started throwing various objects on field after Hernandez scored United’s third goal in the match. While other reports suggest that he was caught up in a ‘surge’ towards the hoardings by the Chelsea fans.

The Police released a statement confirming that they have launched an official inquiry into the incident.

“We are aware of an incident during yesterday’s match at Stamford Bridge in which a steward was injured.

“An investigation has been launched into the incident and our inquiries continue.” – A spokeswoman told the press.

Metropolitan Police commissioner Bernard Hogan has said that they will look into the CCTV footage as they are yet unsure whether there was one or more persons involved in the incident.

‘My understanding is that there is a steward with an injury and it’s not yet clear what caused that injury but we will look into it with the club. There should be CCTV

‘Obviously, there was some dispute at the end of the game, given it had been quite a controversial game.

‘What we have to find out is if there was just one person involved or if there were any more. We will review the footage and talk to the clubs.’

Chelsea have also launched their own investigations into this incident and a club’s spokesperson said that according to their information the steward ‘slipped’ and injured his knee.

‘We are looking at reports of objects that may have been thrown or incidents around the steward taking a fall,’ a club spokesman said after the match. ‘We are investigating all the incidents around that time.

‘My information so far is that he (the steward) slipped and fell, may have hurt his knee, and was being treated by the side of the pitch. He’s been taken to hospital.’ – Chelsea Spokesperson said.

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    Oh yeah he slipped … Not sure that is what the footage shows. Seems at least there is one block next to the steward who seems quite possibly involved in something other than a slip