West Ham Wants Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand to return ‘home’, Nani leaves his future to god, Sun links Rooney with Anzhi while Wanyama breaks a record.

Sam Hopes For Rio

Manchester UnitedWest Ham United boss Sam Allardyce has said that he would welcome back Rio Ferdinand to club, where he started his professional career, at the end of the season. Ferdinand is yet to sign a contract extension at United and MLS clubs Chicago Fire and New York Red Bulls are also said to be interested in signing the defender. Big Sam has said that the club’s chairman is ambitious and he hopes that Ferdinand would want to end his career in London where it all started for him.

“I think it’s highly unlikely that we would consider Rio Ferdinand at the moment.

“But if it’s at the end of the season and he hasn’t got a new contract and he is going to leave Manchester United then we would be interested if we can sustain our Premier League status. It depends entirely on Rio.

“The chairman likes to think big and it’s nice to have a chairman who thinks big.

“Everything has to be in place. If Rio wants to come back, the financial package and so on and so forth and whether they want to release him or not.

“If he wants to live back in London eventually, which is were he comes from, which is what quite a few players like to do before the end of their careers then that might be an advantage for us.” – Allardyce was quoted in the Mirror.

Verdict : Unlikely.  Ferguson has confirmed this week that United will offer Ferdinand the rolling one-year contract extension as is their norm for all players above the age of 30. And as much as Ferdinand loves West Ham, It is hard to see him turning his back on the United offer.

God To Decide Nani’s Future

Nani has been in the news since the start of the season, but for all the wrong reasons. The Portuguese winger has fallen out of favour at Manchester United and he was reportedly close to signing for Russian club Zenit at the start of the season. Juventus have been linked with a move for the Portuguese international, but when asked about his future, Nani said that only god knows where he will end up next season.

“Only God knows what awaits me.

“I am in perfect condition — I am physically good and feeling confident.

“I am the same Nani as always.” – Nani told the Sun.

Verdict : Bleak.God was not available for comments, so we took it upon ourselves to delve into Nani’s future – and it looked bleak. Unless he does something extraordinary, he’s heading out in January or at the end of the season. The writing was on the wall, when United pursued Eden Hazard and Lucas Moura in the summer. He was even rumoured to have come close to signing for Zenit on deadline day. His performances this season has suggested that he too knows his future lies elsewhere. Then came the bust up with Petrucci on the training ground. Also Nani is probably the only attacker in the United squad who does not fit in at all in the diamond formation being used by Ferguson nowadays.

Ferguson is unlikely to freeze him out completely since that might affect the transfer fee. But come next summer, one can expect to see someone like James Rodriguez being brought in to fill the void left by the outgoing Portuguese winger

Wanyama Sets New Record

Victor Wanyama, according to his representative Rob Moore, has rejected a contract extension offered by Celtic. According to reports in Telegraph, this has alerted his suitors and Manchester United have been linked with a move for the Kenyan midfielder.

Verdict : Highly Unlikely. Wanyama became the 4038th defensive midfielder to be linked with a move to United, a new record Guinness has confirmed us.  

Quite clearly Ferguson is not comfortable with the concept of playing a defensive midfielder/ destroyer. He has even openly admitted that much. His stress is on his midfielders retaining the ball in the first place rather than trying to win it back. But it’s just the common perception in the press that he would buy a defensive midfielder because he does not have one whereas the truth is the other way round; he does not have one because he refuses to buy one.


And we leave you with another sensational rumour from Sun’s daily work of fiction.

“SUPER-RICH Anzhi Makhachkala plan to stun the Premier League by making a mega bid for Wayne Rooney.” – The Sun reports.

Their source? This interview by Roberto Carlos –

“Why not? He’s one of the best players in the world and any team would be happy to have him in their squad. He’s still a very young player.

“Of course, I could not say when and if it will happen. It’s not only Anzhi who want to buy him. There are plenty of teams in Italy and Spain, all over the world, eager to have a player like Rooney.” – The Anzhi team director, Roberto Carlos, was quoted in the Sun.

The most important thing to note here is the fact that it was Sun’s reporter who asked the question whether they would like to buy Wayne Rooney. The question was conjured out of the air since there were no stories previously linking Rooney to Anzhi – in fact the question was asked so that a story could be created. Although Carlos gave a generalized answer saying there are plenty of teams who would want Rooney, this quote was used to form the base of story where the Sun claims that the Russian are ‘planning’ to make a mega bid for Rooney. Unbelievable journalism!

Verdict : We won’t waste your time.

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    This is what u get wid sun they are hopeless…the rumors of chicha and kaka swap was the creation of SUN only….Unbelievable journalism!