If you are a Liverpool fan reading this, then you would agree that the build up to the new season was one not only filled with excitement and anticipation to watch new arrivals on the pitch but also with a sense of positive apprehension on how the new manager, Brendan Rodgers was going to execute the highly famed philosophy of tiki-taka.

Let’s get straight to the core of this “concept”. Liverpool’s first game against West Brom was a huge disappointment to say the least. It’s not to say that we doubt the quality of the players. It is unrealistic to think that a club like Swansea took the Championship by storm, whereas Liverpool cannot do the same under Brendan Rodgers. The Reds will definitely hit the tar sooner rather than later. However, the advantage of having the transfer window open through till the end of August means that Brendan Rodgers gets a game or two to assess the practical scenario of his teachings, having already initiated the theory portion.

Fabio Borini and Joe Allen will prove to be good, beneficial additions to the squad no doubt. They have a role, a purpose which is bigger than that of being match winners; and that is, being team players. Allen was remarkable in the game against West Brom and not so surprisingly, was the shining light in an otherwise inept Liverpool roster.

The 3-0 loss to West Brom proved two things – First, it showed us how much work needs to be done comparing to where the players stand. Mind you, Brendan Rodgers’ task at Liverpool is really tremendous because of this reason – not only does he need to get his first-choice players up to speed on the concept of possession and passing football, he needs to transcend this to those who will likely take the bench in the coming days.

Secondly, it showed us that there are still a few missing pieces that are required to get the clock ticking again. Most importantly, Liverpool need a winger, one who is better on paper and pitch than Stewart Downing as well as a striker who will preclude the need to play Luis Suarez in the central slot upfront, allowing him and probably Borini to take up either ends of the attacking positions.

Many argue that the presence of a center-back is also vital for the squad going forward, but that hinges on the situation of Daniel Agger, whose Liverpool future has become less of a talking point nowadays, in a good way.

Do not forget this though – while there is talk of bringing in new faces, it is evident that there are a few players in that Liverpool shirt who may never enjoy their share of success in this renovation program under Brendan Rodgers. Quite clearly, the club should be looking to offload these players and raise the funds to make a few more sensible buys in this transfer window.

So, who are the latest players linked in and out of this new look Liverpool side? Let’s take a closer look.

Players likely to leave

After investing over £100 million last summer, all for a lack-lustre performing squad in the League, it is of consequence that the owners aren’t willing to fork out the large-sized briefcases again. They did, however, provide a part of the funds for the purchase of Borini and Allen, the other bit coming from the sales of Aquilani and Dirk Kuyt.

However the situation is more demanding than that, by the looks of it. So, Liverpool will have to cut their losses and show the exit door to a few players in order to bring in the lot that fits into Brendan Rodgers’ philosophy.

LiverpoolAndy Carroll

Imagine a striker in the mould of Andy Carroll featuring in the current Barcelona setup, or the current Spain squad or at the least, the current Swansea squad. Finding it hard to do so, isn’t it? That’s right.

Liverpool’s approach to games has been spoken about and Brendan Rodgers will make sure his team plays the game to his style. Andy Carroll was brought on as a sub in the West Brom as the last resort for Liverpool to score but it did not happen. Soon after the match, many in the Liverpool circle agreed to the fact that it is better for the team to let go of the big Geordie for a striker who has a reputation for finishing off any attack that ends with him in the box.

Although Liverpool had several shots on goal last season, they failed to convert several of them and were left ruing their chances at the end. This needs to change if the Reds are going to challenge for the top four this year. As part of this plan, Carroll could be the first target of exodus.

It is reported that his former club Newcastle have once again expressed an interest in the striker, but it is highly unlikely that Liverpool will recuperate more than £20 million for the £35 million they invested in Andy Carroll.

Charlie Adam

Although Alex Ferguson touted his corners alone to be worth ‘£10 million’, Charlie Adam really hasn’t done much from either of the four corner flags on the pitch. Last season was not really one he would want to remember – the former Blackpool captain was injured for major part of the campaign and also picked up a red card against Tottenham early in the season. Kenny Dalglish still continued to show faith in him which led to higher expectations from the left-footed midfielder.

Adam plies his trade from the deep end of midfield as well as higher up on the pitch in attack. However, he still has a long way to go if he is going to build himself into the kind of player Brendan Rodgers wants in the squad.

Reports are suggesting that Fulham are interested in taking the midfielder as part of a deal that would see Clint Dempsey go the other way to Liverpool. However, Adam has vowed to fight for his place at the club which is a good sign for Liverpool. But his presence does carry a degree of risk as it adds to squad depth without much clout. However, at the end of the day, the club needs to keep its foot down and part of this means accepting the bad buys from last season and making sure they are replaced with new, quality players who will give Liverpool the edge.

Daniel Agger

The biggest transfer story from Liverpool’s perspective this season has, so far been Daniel Agger. The Dane was touted to leave the club for North-West rivals Manchester City but the club having turned down three bids for the defender due to their high asking price, it looks like Agger is here to stay.

Daniel Agger is definitely the kind of player Liverpool should hold on to. Defence playing a vital role in the tiki-taka school of thought, Agger is the kind of player who will fit well in the role of the libero. The main reason is that unlike Skrtel who prefers to go with the long ball approach to beat players and set up attacks, Agger likes to move a few more yards up the pitch and send in those ground passes in order to initiate the attack.

Such an approach is highly regarded by Brendan Rodgers and the Gaffer himself stated that he would want Agger to stay at Liverpool despite reports linking him to a move away from Anfield. Losing the Dane will no doubt be a big blow for the club and would surely undo the good work done so far in this transfer window through the purchases of Fabio Borini, Joe Allen and Oussama Assaidi.

Players likely to join

It is evident that Liverpool need to do further shopping before this transfer window ends to fill in a few more gaps that will complete the team Brendan Rodgers wants to work with. This is important because Rodgers cannot continue without a team he is convinced about. Having to coach the players on this new style is a big ask in itself so Rodgers and Liverpool need to be sure they have the right people on board before they continue revamping the club.

Manchester CityAdam Johnson

Stewart Downing has received a lot of flak for the price paid for him last season. However at the end of the day, performances count and he has the chance to improve his reputation as a winger. The biggest disadvantage for Downing is age. At 28, he doesn’t really boast a blistering pace and skilful dribbling, both pre-requisites of a good winger.

Adam Johnson on the other hand is in better stead to prove himself as a quality winger. Lack of first team chances at Manchester City has led to the increased possibility of the winger moving out and Liverpool are said to be in pole position for his signature.

Having Johnson and Assaidi on either wings presents a diminutive midfield once you’ve included Allen and Lucas in the centre. Downing could well be the backup player for Rodgers in this case.

Johnson is quick off the block and also possesses good dribbling ability in order to get past defenders. If the club is successful in purchasing the kind of striker who will finish off chances, then Johnson is another name who could bring in the assists.

Clint Dempsey

Earlier, we spoke about a deal Liverpool are looking to strike with Fulham to bring Clint Dempsey to Anfield and send Charlie Adam to Craven Cottage. The hold up here is mainly because of Adam’s reluctance to jump ship but also, reports are suggesting that Dempsey isn’t the first choice for the club.

Although other targets are unknown, Dempsey has proven Premier League experience, the only drawback being that, at 29, one shouldn’t be expecting too much from him. He will surely prove to be the difference in the other domestic competitions the club is competing in but Liverpool will need someone more lethal than the United States international to improve their League performance from last season.

  • Dada Tolulope

    Bring in adam johnson would be a very good option for liverpool because downing is tryin his best but he is not as good as johnson. Charlie adam should go because he would not find a place in the first eleven. Clint dempsey would be very good in the attack imagining him scoring more goals than all liverpool players last season. Also, the gaffer should sign kaka to boost the midfield

  • Please no!! And NO! We have players out their who can improve our squad like jesus navas ,dries mertens and roystone drenthe which can not cost alot ,no spanish midfielder or striker.we need german type of players dutch not overpriced epl players

    • Eoin

      Navas is Spanish!

    • Eoin

      That makes a lot of sense because Germany and Holland are so much better than Spain????????????????? What football have you been watching?

  • vin

    We need owners like those of chelsea and man city who have tons of money to buy the best players. These two teams will dominate premier league for years to come. Please fenway sell the club.

  • here here i agree, but we do need a striker and with what funds we have Dempsey would be ideal for the short term till we have more money to buy better and he is better than we have, just look at what gary mac did for us.


  • Bill

    This is utter crap. Neither Rodger nor the board have made an offer for Dempsey. they enquired months ago, were quoted a stupid price and said forget it. He is a few months shy of his 30th birthday and too old to have any resale value. But you clowns keep resurrecting this dead donkey and flogging it for all it’s worth. Johnson is also not on our radar much as some people would like him to be, we don’t have the money.

  • I don’t now why liverpoolfc are still wasting time on Adam Johnson. They must buy that player or alse they should forget about top four. Infact, to me liverpoolfc should do the same as they do the deal of the morrocan guy oussama. Iam a vary good fan of liverpoolfc i wish them all the best this season.

  • Prince Elisha E.

    Pls we better get Dempsey fast before we play Man City, because He will be the answer to our problem. However, i will be delighted if we add to our squad the likes of, Adam Johnson, Herrera, and Sahin before the clossing of transfer market.

  • Rahul Rego

    I agree with you on the purchases, but i disagree about the sales. Andy Carrol is definitely a striker worth keeping. His performances at the end of last season emphasize this. Charlie Adam is a player not worth selling. His performances were unfairly judged last season, and no one noticed his partnership with Lucas at the beginning of last season. Lastly, I would add Esteban Granero and Gaston Ramirez to the transfer list.

    • Eoin

      Adam is worth selling because it will save his salary and free up a position in the squad to someone who can challenge for a place or at least come off the bench to good affect – neither of which Adam can.

  • Dempsey move will be a good one,liverpool should not wast any time to buy him because dempsey been a good player saild he wont to play with the reds.

  • Sabella

    There were only 4 guys equally or more lethal than Clint last season so I’m not sure your player assessment is on target.

  • Dan

    This site chats rubbish, this is an old post!!!! AJ is not who Brendon wants!!! Those who believe we are buying him are deluded!!

  • Daniel

    Get Dempsey . Buy players and make the club back to top 4. Then the money and the best player WILL come back. Gary Mac came at 34 and he won us 3 cups .

  • Aditya Sharma

    Dempsey v/a A Johnson is a tough call … Older guy who’ll get you goals and assists v/s younger guy who’ll mostly just provide assists. Money will probably be a big deciding factor

  • Well,as far as am consine,dis squad needs 2 major signings to b completed in place of a winger and a striker….So i urge BR to act fast in signing Adam Johnson and Clint Dempsey who can play both as striker nd winger nd even mieldfielder 2 bolster dis side….YNWA!!!

  • Regarding those who should be sell…Chalie Adam is d only player i tink liverpool should let go for much of dis reasons..Firstly,we dont really need him in dis side bcos we already have young lads who can fill d space in mieldfield in place of jonjo shelvy nd Henderson who are starting 2 gel and both of them are attack minded..Secondly,the amount we paid for is service is not much and can still sell him for better price…But BR should neva think of selling spearing and carrol bcos both still has a lot to offer liverpool as spearing can fill d gap if there is no Lucas and Carrol shuld b kept 4 plan B of d team and am very sure wit time he will come good….YWNWA!!!

  • Chidi keke

    i have to writ wit Capital leta. REINA, C ADAMS, J SPEARING. shuld be out of liverpool.


    YES way .im so excited that we have Rodgers in charge to change our team into a Barcelona style tika taka passing side lol.Never heard so much crap in all my life apart from when 1 fellow liverpool fan said at the start of last season that charley adam,henderson,downing,gerrard and lucas were by far the best midfield in the premiership .actually there was 1 more which came from gerrard at start of last season.He said “this current squad is the best liverpool squad ive ever worked with” lol.forget about when we won the champs league a gerrard.Turned out you couldnt of been anymore wrong gerrard as we finished 8th.Going back to our new tika taka style that Rodgers wants to employ.firstly british international teams have never played that style for 1 main reason and thats there not as technically gifted as other international teams.so what do you go and do ? you spend 15 mill on a welsh player that no one was talking about until last season .i see the charley adam scenario all over again.Allen got a 91 % pass success rate last season but i dont understand why so many get a hard on over how good he supposedly was coupled with Rodgers amazing tactics.If what swansea did last season was so great how come west brom and norwich finished on level points ? norwich and west brom didnt have rodgers in charge plus they didnt have Allen with his 91 % pass rate in there midfields yet finished on level points.ive heard so many fans relate Allen to some of the barca midfield like xavi but i didnt notice barca making a bid or even an enquiry either .Must be Rodgers is just so great at spotting great talent cause he bought Borrini too lol.I hope im wrong but i cant see either of those players being anything special i really cant.while teams like Chelsea that finished 4th are buying in players like oscar and hazzard, we buy in Allen and Borrini .Even if Rodgers style does work well were still not going to get a top 4 spot i dont believe.I seem to remember Swansea having a very bad away record last season and i can see him bringing that to Liverpool.I wouldnt be surprised if we get a result at home to man city on sunday but that wont change a thing on the fact our current squad isnt strong enough for a top 4 spot in my opinion.Obviously you can see im not overly impressed with the appointment of rodgers and im even more less impressed with the signings weve made so far.please Rodgers prove me wrong but think your going to have to bring in better quality than you have so far.I can see us getting Dempsey on the last transfer day but thats about it. we shall see.